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This year as we fail to see any Dodgers games on TV (Sunday night on ESPN will be a welcome exception), the thought occurs over and over: Should have watched more last year to catch Vin Scully. What if we're missing his last year now?

In a similar vein, maybe we're all too accustomed to the Hyperion Outfall Serenaders just always being there. You take it for granted that there's this great little Dixieland band that will pop up from time to time at a party on the Strand, or at the December fireworks, or the start line of the MB 10K, or, like this afternoon, at Polliwog Park to kick off one of the Summer concerts in the park. 

Take a shot at seeing the band today, starting at 3:45PM at Polliwog. They've been a treasured part of MB for 40 years. And while

You could be forgiven for not noticing the old Spanish at 10th/Highland downtown.

921 Highland is a 1930s original on a double lot (5400 sq. ft.).

If you were to rewind time a bit (which is hard), we'd hazard that the big house was once all but alone on the stretch of Highland near Center Street and the pier. There are stories, to be sure.

Now, though, the question turns to what to do on the site. Someone has just paid $5.400M for the home, and we're not really thinking it's because they're preservationists.

A double lot with ocean views on a walkstreet right in the thick of MB's now-bustling core should probably have a lot of new stuff on it that reflects what MB is today.

You could built one heckuva single-family home, something you could even call…

No question, MB is coming into its own, gaining notice on many fronts, all well-deserved.

One example: GQ magazine rates Manhattan Beach as one of the 6 best beaches in the USA. They like the color of the sand (seriously) and specifically call MB the "Best Beach for Chowing Down," a reference to our growing culinary scene.

Destination restaurants in MB – this is something old-timers truly never could have imagined. (Thanks to this post on for the clue regarding GQ.)

As to local real estate, we often tell clients that the Summer months slow down notably. But that's not what the data say right now, nor the activity in our office. Whew. 

Regular readers know that for our weekend posts, we prefer to get out there, walk all the homes and deliver…

This holiday weekend began with fireworks, then took a turn for the strange.

Saturday's shark bite incident by the MB Pier could mean many different things over time.

Will ours become more of a locals-only beach as tourists stay away?

Or will more jerks start coming out here looking to snag their own carcharadon carcharias?

Will the city or county start to regulate, or prohibit, fishing off the pier?

A modest proposal: No chumming off the pier. Ever.

Some things are so obvious, you can't believe they need to be said.

It seems the best local coverage is on in this post.

As to local real estate, there are fewer open houses on a holiday weekend, for sure, but it's not a strikeout situation. There are some debuts and several good options. If…