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It did not take very long for this year's market to give us a new shocker.

1417 Pine (4br/3ba, 2350 sq. ft.) is a unique remodel of a 1940s original with a great sense of style. It's a darling place that triggers feelings – call it "an emotional house," as one of our colleagues sometimes does.

This home launched at $1.850M, but didn't make it to the first open house.

This one came out before the Super Bowl, at a time of epic low inventory, and then, added to the stew, there's cheap money and the sense of a rising market and the emotional "must have" quality of this house and... whew, it was off to the races.

The winner of the bidding war paid more than $300K over list: $2.162M.

It's all the more amazing when you consider the limitations of the home:

Obviously location is a key issue – maybe the key issue – in whether a home is desirable. Start with a subpar location, and you can expect a rough time on the market. Yes, even today.

It's also true that every home has its price. So it can be interesting to watch what happens with homes that have an obvious location issue. In theory, a seller should be able to "price in" the location problem and get buyers off the dime. But sometimes a home will just sit. Here are a few to watch early this year.

One on the market in the Trees now would be 3516 Blanche (3br/3ba, 3000 sq. ft.). This one is the longest-running Tree Section listing now (among 6) besides a new construction project that wasn't fininshed when it first hit the MLS.

3516 Blanche is only in its…

A couple of recent deals show how quickly the Manhattan Beach real estate market has shifted to one favorable for flippers.

You would not have seen a little cottage like 1509 Magnolia (3br/2ba, 1350 sq. ft.) fetch more than $1.3M last year, or in any recent year prior.

But now, sure.

This little cottage was a wreck when it sold for $980K a few months back. After a major re-do, with the so-very-now "plantation" style palette applied, it was listed for $1.349M. (For our brief video tour, click here.)

Now it's got a deal.

That home's very straightforward compared to 3212 Palm (4br/3ba, 2300 sq. ft.), another successful flip.

We know this house from years past, and the unusual layout always gives one pause. It's essentially a tri-level home, with 2br down and…

Hey, look. We’ve built something new!

And the change is good, with the new look, feel and function here at MB Confidential.

Building on our tradition of regularly producing insightful analysis of local real estate, we’ve now added the best hyper-local search and data you can find.

You can now search quickly, with one click, by region or subsection of Manhattan Beach.

Say you’re only looking in the Sand Section...

One click on our Sand Section search gives you the active listings in that area only. (Use the "MB Search" dropdown menu.)

You’re wondering how much Tree Section homes have been selling for recently?

One click delivers the past 6 months’ worth of sales in the Trees, listing the newest first. (Use the "MB Sales Data" dropdown menu.)

That’s just a…