'Bet the House' Contest Rules & Guidelines

Thanks for participating in our "Bet the House" Contest. Here the rules as we understand them today, Version 1.0.1.


- By entering the Contest, you as a Contest Participant agree to all of these terms and rules for the Contest.

- MB Confidential and Dave Fratello are the Contest Directors, and as such, they reserve the right to amend and evolve the rules in good faith as experience may show to be necessary. Where possible, the rules in effect at the time of a specific weekly edition of the Contest will be adhered to instead of any amended rules for the Contest overall.

- The Contest's purposes are entertainment and the exchange of knowledge. Wagers are neither encouraged nor permitted as part of the Contest.

- Each week MB Confidential will feature one home on the public market (Multiple Listing Service/MLS). This will be the subject for a series of three questions testing each Contest Participant's expectations for what might happen with that listing in the weeks and months ahead.

- Limit on Participation: Only one entry is permitted for each featured property per person or per device. Make sure you are happy with your responses when you enter!

- Approximately one week will be allotted to entries for each Contest before it closes.

- By participating in the Contest, you consent to all rules, and you consent to being contacted by MB Confidential or Dave Fratello by email, consistent with our Privacy Policy. We do not share your information with any other party. 


- When a property featured in the Contest is removed from the market or the sale has closed, Contest entries will be judged to identify the winner.

- Each entry is to be scored using a point system.

- Each of the three questions is worth a maximum of 5 points.

- For Days on Market, 5 points are awarded for selecting the correct range for the # of DOM, and 2 points are awarded for selecting the range immediately before or after the correct range.

- For # of Price Cuts, 5 points are awarded for selecting the correct number of price cuts, and 2 points are awarded for selecting the number immediately before or after the correct final number.

- For Sale Price, points are based on how close to the final sale price the entry's estimated price was, high or low. 5 points are awarded for an entry within 1.00% of the final price, 4 points for being between 1-3%, 3 points for being within 4-7%, and 2 points for being within 8-10%. No points are awarded to entries supplying an estimated price if the home is taken off the market without selling. 5 points are awarded for an entry with $0 as the sale price if the listing cancels without selling. No points are awarded to any entry with a price that is off by more than 10.5%.

- For purposes of calculating the DOM for a listing, the date that the property went into escrow will be recorded and counted as the DOM for purposes of the contest. This means that if the listing changes to "Active Under Contract" status by which the MLS DOM count continues to escalate, the DOM for contest purposes will be less that that recorded with the listing at the time of sale. The reason for this is to record how long a property was on the market before accepting an offer, irrespective of additional marketing time. If a property drops from "Active Under Contract" back to "Active" and sells later, the new first escrow date will be used instead.

- In the event of a tie among entries involving a sold property, the entry that is closest to the actual sale price (over or under) will be declared the winner.

- In the event of a tie involving a property that was taken off market, if a prize is offered, the winner will be chosen by a random drawing from among all tied entries.

- In the event that a property featured in the Contest is taken off market and quickly returned to market (i.e., re-listing with a new MLS #), the presumption shall be that Contest entries will be scored at the completion of all marketing of the property, irrespective of refreshed MLS #'s, etc. However, the decision to close the contest and score entries for a property that was removed from market for any reason shall rest entirely with the Contest director.


- For some contests, a prize may be announced at the time of publication. The high score for that week's Contest wins the announced prize.

- A participation prize may also be announced at the time of publication. This prize will be awarded randomly to someone who entered the Contest that week.

- MB Confidential and Dave Fratello reserve the right to publish, on MB Confidential and/or on Facebook or other social media platforms, the names of the individuals winning any prize during the Contest, unless the entrant has selected the option to "Keep me anonymous if I win" at the time of entry.

- Absolutely no data from entries will be published prior to any individual featured property going off market or having a successful closed sale. That is, the sweep of opinions expressed by Contest participants will not be disclosed until such time as the listing has completed its marketing process.