215 Valley's Back

By Dave Fratello | February 12th, 2010
It's one of the most popular, and least popular, features of MBC: Every once in a while, we suggest that a listing isn't so very well-priced.

You can imagine who does or doesn't like this sort of thing.

And we don't imagine that the sellers of 215 S. Valley much appreciated our fairly well-substantiated opinion that their home was overpriced last year.

In "Drip, Drip," about a year ago, we noted that the listing had begun at $1.650m in Summer 2008, a price that weathered the financial market meltdown in the Fall that year. Finally, by January 2009 it was at $1.480m, then gradually to $1.399m within days of that.

Of the listing's sudden series of moves to try to find the market, MBC said:

At this rate, 215 S. Valley could be at $1.2m by Valentine's Day. That might be about where it needs to get to find a buyer. We'll see.
Now it looks like MBC had the price about right, and even had the holiday right, too – just not the year.

215 S. Valley quit the market last March, and returns now at $1.235m.

That was about right last year – in one blogger's opinion.

In 2010, it looks like the market will really have a say.

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