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If you're a writer or a reader (hi there!), you might know the old saw about headlines that are written in the form of a question.

According to what's known as Betteridge's Law of Headlines, if a header ends with a question mark, the answer is "no." (Example: A blog post titled, "Do Most People Know Betteridge's Law of Headlines?")

But here at MBC, we like toying with tradition. Defying expectations. Mixing it up.

Manhattan Pointe Townhomes Aviation Place Manhattan Beach CAAnd so it was with our headline on a December post about the "Manhattan Pointe" condo complex east of Aviation Blvd.: "Big Bump Coming at Aviation Place?"

Then, most definitively, our predicted answer to the question was, "Yes." A "big bump" was coming.

There had been no sales at all in the 28-unit complex of row-house-inspired townhomes…

1304 Lynngrove Drive Manhattan Beach CAIt was somewhat more than a year ago when we expressed surprise at how 1304 Lynngrove was being listed.

The start price: $3.199M.

This, in the "affordable" Manhattan Beach neighborhood of Liberty Village, was a serious shocker.

With respect, on the blog here we said that that's the kind of pricing that can "make markets" and/or "could reshuffle all thinking about the area." (See "Pushing $3M in Liberty Village?")

To date then, there had never been a home sold in Liberty Village over $2M, and here they were shooting past $3M. Wow.

(In October 2015, 1805 Faymont [5br/4ba, 3500 sqft.] became the highest-ever Liberty Village sale east of Redondo Ave., at $2.060M.)

1304 Lynngrove Drive Manhattan Beach CA1304 Lynngrove was only in framing stages at the time of its first listing at $3.2M, so

It's Spring, and everyone knows to expect more listings.

What you maybe didn't expect was to see so many price cuts this early.

In the 7-day period ending Thursday afternoon, 10 new listings came to market in Manhattan Beach, but 15 homes for sale made price cuts.

One of those cuts was on 221 Homer (4br/4ba, 2500 sqft.), new construction with views.

Homer officially listed March 2 and $100K cut on March 9th, to $4.850M – just one week in.

In fact, 7 of the 15 listings making price cuts this week did so in their first month on the market here.

It's sound strategy. Don't hang around while more inventory is coming out.

By our count Thursday, 27 of the 85 listings on the market in Manhattan Beach have taken price cuts at some point: 31%

Below is a…

There's investor money in Manhattan Beach real estate, for sure. You see it all over.

When a home sells, then pops up at once for rent, there's a good chance that an investor bought it seeking a return of some kind. (Where else are you going to get a return these days?)

1641 21st Street Manhattan Beach CA1641 21st (3br/1ba, 1000 sqft.) is one we had to call a "starter home" for Manhattan Beach when it came to market in January. 

Just one bathroom? Just 1000 sqft.?

East of the highway?

What would that be worth?

List price was $1.349M. The sale closed for a trifling $1,000 more: $1.350M last week.

And now?

It's for rent for $6,000/mo.

Doesn't that say a lot about both the market for purchases and the rental market?