Fence Sitters?

By Dave Fratello | May 8th, 2009
Is the slow RE market the fault of dithering would-be buyers?

Or, let's ask another way: Can we change buyer psychology to spur more home buying?

And can that be done with advertising?

The NAR thinks so.

After a few too many tips, we checked out the new ad, and we share it here:

It's an instant classic.

A family is literally sitting on the fence outside a home for sale, gawking, unable to make the move to buy.

Substantive lines:

Wife: "Why are we sitting here?"

Husband: "Not sure, exactly. They said we should wait." (Nice emphasis on the vague, all-knowing "they.")

Realtor: "If you're waiting for the right time to buy a home, the wait may be over. Mortgages are available, and interest rates are low."

Funny, they don't mention that prices are dropping. Maybe that's off-message, since the core clients NAR is concerned with are really the sellers.

Or maybe dropping prices are part of what's keeping that family on the fence.

There's a whole splashy multimedia kit provided by NAR as part of this campaign, available online here.

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