Half of Current Listings Have Price Cuts

By Dave Fratello | December 6th, 2022


It's that time of year when the local real estate market is always slower, but some number of listings persists.

There are two sides of the coin, after all. When the market's slower and there are fewer listings, maybe your listing could stand out!?! So maybe stay on the market?

Those that do remain are likely to have been on market long enough to take a price cut. Indeed, about half of all today's 57 active listings - 28 as of Tuesday morning - have taken a cut from their debut asking prices.

If you go to our regular link to view Manhattan Beach home listings with price cuts, you'll see 24 listings total. (We'll also display all of them down below in this post, but you must be on the website to see them. They do not show up in email.)

There are also 4 more listings that have re-listed for various reasons, and at first glance might appear not to have any price cuts. The re-listing process largely blocks your ability as a consumer to view the past, higher prices, because the data feed generally displays only current listing info.


PLEASE NOTE: Below, we discuss listings on the Manhattan Beach market. They are listed and brokered by a variety of agents and firms. The name of the listing broker and agent for each property, along with any contact information supplied through the MLS, is displayed with each property, next to the price. Blog author Dave Fratello of Edge Real Estate Agency is not the listing agent unless so stated with the listing. Any observations, comments and analyses about listings represent the professional judgments and opinions of the author, Dave Fratello, not the listing brokers or agents. Please see our blog disclaimer.


Opportunities in this Market

Buyers are wise to look closely at the market at this time of year to seek out opportunities.

You might be banking on price declines next year, but what about homes now on the market that are already cutting prices? Can you get "next year's price" today?

Buyer clients with whom we were working for a solid year recently had that experience. After a rough year where deals of any kind were hard to come by, we reached out to our clients to see if there was anything still on the market that they liked. Maybe it would be worth a closer look at some, to see if sellers were flexible?

dave-fratello-manhattan-beach-realtorSoon after, they were in escrow on a property that had recently made one cut, where the sellers were, in fact, flexible to go down a bit further.

It's best to work with a local agent who specializes in working with buyers in Manhattan Beach and the South Bay. If that's what you need, please reach out to Dave Fratello. He and the Edge team will be honored to earn your business and help you achieve your goals.

Inventory with Cuts Today

The four current listings now listed for less than before:

513 N Dianthus Street Manhattan Beach CA513 N. Dianthus (3br/3ba, 2770 sqft.)

This Hill Section remodel was first listed in August at $3.600M with an out-of-area agent, but that listing canceled.

A local agent is now involved, and the listing is currently asking $3.295M.

(Listed by Edward Kaminsky, eXp Realty of California, Inc.)

459 35th Street Manhattan Beach CA459 35th (5br/4ba, 3552 sqft.)

This North End Sand Section SFR was first offered in May along with a neighboring cottage. Then the cottage was dropped, and the asking changed to $4.499M, before later cuts.

The current listing, begun in late October, is at $3.999M.

(Listed by John Corrales, Compass)

3408 Maple Avenue Manhattan Beach CA3408 Maple (5br/6ba, 3620 sqft.)

This modern Tree Section new construction home first emerged in July at $4.600M. That listing later canceled.

The current listing is asking $3.988M.

(Listed by Sahar Moghadam, ALIGN HOMES)

400 10th Street Manhattan Beach CA400 10th (4br/3ba, 2964 sqft.)

Here's a South End walkstreet home in a traditional style that just hasn't quite yet found its match.

It began in August at $5.200M and dropped from there. With a new agent, it recently re-listed at $4.695M.

(Listed by Gary Richardson, Strand Hill Christies International Real Estate)

Here's an updated display of homes on the market in Manhattan Beach that show price cuts in the current listing. At the time of our post, there were 24 listings in the display. The system will auto-update as any listings take new cuts or go off the market.

Click any property to see full listing information, including listing agent and broker info.

Current Manhattan Beach Listings with Price Cuts

New Stunning Coastal Modern Beach Townhome With...


2605 Vista Drive

Manhattan Beach, CA

  • 4 BR
  • 4 BA
  • 2,678 SqFt.
  • N/A Lot



DOM: 189

4br / 4ba
Sq. ft.:
142 - Manhattan Bch Sand
Manhattan Beach

Welcome To This Quintessential Manhattan Beach ...


901 28th Street

Manhattan Beach, CA

  • 6 BR
  • 8 BA
  • 5,648 SqFt.
  • 6,006 Lot



DOM: 307

6br / 8ba
Sq. ft.:
143 - Manhattan Bch Tree
Manhattan Beach
Address 409 30th St BD/BA 4br/5ba SQFT 2798 sqft LOT 1754 PRICE $4,795,000 $PSF $1,714 DOM 20 DOM START $ $5,000,000 START 01/17/23
Address 1427 5th Street BD/BA 2br/1ba SQFT 756 sqft LOT 7497 PRICE $2,225,000 $PSF $2,943 DOM 32 DOM START $ $2,499,000 START 01/07/23
Address 3608 The Strand 1 BD/BA 2br/3ba SQFT 1777 sqft LOT 9334 PRICE $5,700,000 $PSF $3,208 DOM 47 DOM START $ $7,300,000 START 11/25/22
Address 3608 The Strand 2 BD/BA 1br/1ba SQFT 801 sqft LOT 9334 PRICE $2,400,000 $PSF $2,996 DOM 47 DOM START $ $3,600,000 START 11/25/22
Address 3608 The Strand 8 BD/BA 1br/1ba SQFT 907 sqft LOT 9334 PRICE $1,900,000 $PSF $2,095 DOM 47 DOM START $ $2,900,000 START 11/25/22
Address 750 29th Street BD/BA 6br/8ba SQFT 4835 sqft LOT 4803 PRICE $6,199,000 $PSF $1,282 DOM 55 DOM START $ $6,299,000 START 12/15/22
Address 413 9th Street BD/BA 6br/5ba SQFT 3800 sqft LOT 2695 PRICE $6,995,000 $PSF $1,841 DOM 62 DOM START $ $7,000,000 START 10/20/22
Address 2701 Manhattan Avenue BD/BA 3br/3ba SQFT 2356 sqft LOT 2556 PRICE $4,650,000 $PSF $1,974 DOM 78 DOM START $ $5,250,000 START 11/22/22
Address 513 N Dianthus Street BD/BA 3br/3ba SQFT 2770 sqft LOT 3250 PRICE $3,290,000 $PSF $1,188 DOM 92 DOM START $ $3,349,999 START 11/08/22
Address 1232 2nd Street BD/BA 4br/3ba SQFT 3526 sqft LOT 8258 PRICE $3,299,000 $PSF $936 DOM 101 DOM START $ $3,499,000 START 09/29/22
Address 616 12th Street BD/BA 5br/5ba SQFT 4300 sqft LOT 3008 PRICE $7,329,000 $PSF $1,704 DOM 105 DOM START $ $7,349,000 START 10/26/22
Address 2522 The Strand BD/BA 3br/3ba SQFT 2660 sqft LOT 3498 PRICE $8,500,000 $PSF $3,195 DOM 133 DOM START $ $8,900,000 START 09/28/22
Address 4406 The Strand BD/BA 3br/3ba SQFT 2138 sqft LOT 3506 PRICE $4,895,000 $PSF $2,290 DOM 133 DOM START $ $5,249,000 START 09/28/22
Address 1500 Voorhees Avenue BD/BA 4br/2ba SQFT 1744 sqft LOT 5784 PRICE $1,799,000 $PSF $1,032 DOM 139 DOM START $ $1,825,000 START 09/22/22
Address 124 2nd Street BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1750 sqft LOT 2707 PRICE $6,395,000 $PSF $3,654 DOM 161 DOM START $ $6,875,000 START 08/31/22
Address 2605 Vista Drive BD/BA 4br/4ba SQFT 2678 sqft LOT 3496 PRICE $4,499,000 $PSF $1,680 DOM 189 DOM START $ $4,699,000 START 08/03/22
Address 200 S Poinsettia Avenue BD/BA 6br/6ba SQFT 5061 sqft LOT 6256 PRICE $7,500,000 $PSF $1,482 DOM 281 DOM START $ $7,999,999 START 04/27/22
Address 901 28th Street BD/BA 6br/8ba SQFT 5648 sqft LOT 6006 PRICE $5,999,000 $PSF $1,062 DOM 307 DOM START $ $6,249,000 START 04/07/22
Address 845 11th Street BD/BA 6br/5ba SQFT 4315 sqft LOT 9938 PRICE $5,999,000 $PSF $1,390 DOM 324 DOM START $ $7,000,000 START 03/17/22
Address 235 N Dianthus Street BD/BA 5br/5ba SQFT 5152 sqft LOT 6501 PRICE $5,499,000 $PSF $1,067 DOM 356 DOM START $ $8,000,000 START 02/17/22

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