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By Dave Fratello | December 25th, 2017

First off, we'll wish you a happy holiday.

You know who else is having a nice Christmas? All 3 of the sellers we cautiously "predicted" would make deals by today.

In "3 to Bet on Before Xmas," we went out on a limb and singled out 3 listings out of 71 active at the time that seemed likely to make deals by Christmas.

On Christmas Day, the 3rd of those posted a deal, making the prediction correct (whew!) and making for a happy holiday in (at least!) 6 different homes... those of the buyers and sellers in each case.

As a reminder, the "3 to Bet On..." were:

1147 8th Street Manhattan Beach CA1147 8th (4br/4ba, 2075 sqft.), which we've called "fun and unique," with a lot of outdoor living options taking advantage of its 8000 sqft. lot.

The new escrow here was posted on Christmas day.

It's a great place to enjoy outdoor living, with a pool and waterfall and large outdoor entertainment room.

The main house should get some updates, maybe reconfiguring. The project seems worthwhile.

There was an immediate offer on the property when it listed in September for $2.249M, though that didn't pan out.

It was at $2.175M when going into escrow.

2410 Laurel Avenue Manhattan Beach CA2410 Laurel (4br/3ba, 2575 sqft.) is a 60s modern that has been updated in the important areas and features a voluminous living room with ample glass

There's a reasonably sized backyard and some good front outdoor space as well, including an outdoor dining area.

Since its August debut at $2.499M, this one has gotten more and more compelling pricewise and has remained one of our favorites to show buyers looking in the area.

After falling out of escrow once (officially), this one has made a sequence of cuts, coming all the way down to $2.199M before making a deal recently. That's a good buy.

1345 Voorhees Avenue Manhattan Beach CA1345 Voorhees (3br/2ba, 1750 sqft.) is a charmingly remodeled & open cottage on a quiet street near Pennekamp.

It's mostly lacking in a backyard, but there's a lot out front to work with if you want a garden, play space etc.

This one is priced right down the middle with the comps at $1.699M. 

They made a deal Dec. 15th, the only real surprise being why it took 5 weeks.

Status of Other Prospects

In our "3 to Bet on..." post, we also pointed to 5 additional "prospects" to see deals made in the 3 weeks before Santa came.

Alas, only 2 made deals during that time, probably validating our choice to rank them outside the "sure bets" featured in the post.

The 2 making deals (click any address to see the property in detail):

2208 Wendy - knockout flipper remodel last at $1.790M.

441 34th - lot sale up on the plateau asking $1.949M.

You can see all of the latest deals in Manhattan Beach by looking at our Newest Deals page (always available as a link off the MB Dashboard as well.)

Meantime, inventory is at a year-long low of 49 on Christmas day.

That's significantly lower than last year at this time, and appears to be the lowest inventory figure since March 2015.

But there will be time for more data & analysis after presents and egg nog, right?

Happy holiday to you all!

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