Imagine a Pool

By Dave Fratello | October 20th, 2010
It's one of those rare luxuries – or liabilities – a Manhattan Beach home with a pool.

On our small lots we don't see many pool homes, and not even all the big lots – especially east of the highway – get pools built into them, either.

One East MB listing splits the difference.
At 1310 11th (6br/5ba, 5000 sq. ft.), a behemoth of a mid-90s house, you'll find a pitch that says the home offers a "POOL sized yard," complete with a photo of a pool.

Looking at the listing online via Redfin, or most other public search tools, that's all you see. 

So why is the listing saying "pool sized" and the photo shows a pool?

Wouldn't you just say "pool in yard?"

No, you wouldn't, because there is no pool.

Only by examining the printed flyer or looking at the agents' version of the MLS display might you find the disclosure line that appears as a photo caption – clipped and pasted here. In relevant part, it says, "no pool now."

The listing agent's office notes that the no-pool situation is disclosed, if you look in the right places. And of course, if you visit the home you'll instantly see a brick back patio (pictured), not the glimmering pool pictured in the online listing.

But we can all agree it's dicey to go inventing stuff. It's one thing to have a pro snap your listing pics to show a home in the best possible light (good) or to airbrush/Photoshop your listing pics (accepted) to improve them. 

It's another step entirely to doctor a true photo of the house by adding elements that aren't there, disclosure or no.

We can think of a few Sand Section listings that could benefit by having telephone poles removed, for instance. Or brown lawns that could be colored a lush green. Best to tread carefully down this path, or probably better not to step at all.

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