Inventory Down/Flat in April

By Dave Fratello | May 11th, 2009
There's more to say about the 2nd half of April, and the time since.

But we wanted to note here that the new MB Market Update Spreadsheets are available now by clicking here, or download any time by using the link in the upper-right corner of the front page. Data in this update closed April 30.

Inventory of SFRs west of Sepulveda wound up April flat against mid-month, at 148, down still from 155 at the end of March. There's no need for graphing this result now, which looks an awful lot like the graph from "Inventory Recedes a Bit" a short time back.

Inventory broke down this way by sub-region as of April 30:
Hill: 36
Sand: 56
Trees: 56
Overall stats for April: 20 new listings, 17 sales (new escrows) and 11 cancellations.

That was 2 more sales (new escrows) than March, and 3 more cancellations.

Comparing April 2008 with April 2009:
  • New listings – '08: 31, '09: 17
  • Sales (new escrows) – '08: 17 , '09: 17
  • Cancellations – '08: 9 , '09: 11
So this year did see a quieter April in terms of people offering homes for sale (-45% if you don't mind small numbers), a couple more dropouts, and the exact same number of sales as last year.

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