MB Market Update for 6/15/08, Trees

By Dave Fratello | June 25th, 2008
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This article summarizes SFR activity in the first half of June in the Tree Section. Information in this update closed June 15.

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Tree Section

There were 44 active SFRs as of June 15, with 22 priced below $2m, and 22 priced above $2m.

Among 6 new listings, 2 sold quickly within the 2-week report period:
  • 2825 Valley (pictured), a shrimpy, remodeled cottage squeezing 4br/2ba into 1400 sq. ft., though with a larger-than-normal 5000-sq.-ft. lot. They were only asking $1.129m; and
  • 3314 Laurel, a good-sized remodel (4br/3ba, 3350 sq. ft.), sought $1.879m – a very substantial markup over the May 2003 purchase price ($1.158m – +$721k/+62%). We're assuming these folks accomplished the remodel.

Those 2 sales were part of 6 sales (new escrows) in the Trees that stuck (3309 Pacific went into and out of escrow). Other sales included:
  • 3505 Pine (pictured), a dated home (3br/3ba, 2400 sq. ft.) with some layout quirks but surprising beauty to the location, last at $1.380m;
  • 794 27th, Teri Polo's Asian contemporary on a busy street (see "You Can Lose in MB"), last at $2.099m, or $400k below the acquisition price 2 years ago; and
  • New construction at 664 33rd (5br/5ba, 3550 sq. ft., the "Coastal Plantation" home) priced at $2.689m that had been on market less than 2 weeks.

Other new offerings were:
  • 3600 Flournoy, a home with limited curb appeal where they've turned lemons into lemonade with a very tasteful update and nice interior spaces in an older 4br, 2350 sq. ft. remodel. Starts at $1.425m;
  • 2105 Walnut, a dated, 3br/2ba, 1625-sq.-ft. home offered at $1.299m (almost $800/PSF, luxury pricing);
  • 3409 Maple, a pretty grand, newer home with 5br/3ba and 3200 sq. ft., starting at $1.815m; and
  • 633 15th, which many of us know as the local Santa's house, offers 6br and 6000 sq. ft. on a double-plus lot (12,500 sq. ft.) near American Martyrs; some harsh initial reviews for the home, though, particularly with its $5.495m start price.
The biggest rumble in the Trees came from a price-chopper:
  • 737 36th has been for sale for most of the past 2 1/2 years, but was always substantially overpriced. (See "Surrender on 36th.") Enter a new agent with a bold strategy: Price it like the deal of the year, and they'll mob your door.
Guess what? They did. Last price: $1.584m. New "deal" price: $1.299m. At this writing, it's in escrow after multiple offers… rumored sale price: $1.43m.
Other cuts:
  • 2509 Walnut sold quickly after chopping to $2.099m – and "quickly" was never a word that applied to this standard-issue newbie, with 300+ DOM. Started at $2.449m in late July 2007, crept down to $2.199m, and finally got a deal with the latest cut.
  • A longer-term newbie at 2611 Palm cut $90k more to $2.195m, so it's now down $300k from start, but list is still much higher than this one's twin – 2309 Pacific – went for recently ($1.890m). Is the location adjustment really $300k?
Meanwhile, 6 sales closed in this period, all above $2m. They included:
  • 850 18th (pictured), a lush, huge (6br/7ba, 5950 sq. ft.) newer home that had sold quickly when offered (see "We Hardly Knew 850 18th"), closed at $4.4m;
  • Neighboring new construction at 2701 and 2705 Palm, at $2.749m and $2.689m, respectively; and
  • 570 27th, a new home known as "The Farmhouse," closed for a whopping $1.2m and 31% off the start price, down to $2.680m (see "Bought: The Farm(house)").

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