More 'Sand' Confusion

By Dave Fratello | April 19th, 2010
A new listing in a disputed Tree Section territory that "feels" like the Sand Section – but isn't – has gone ahead and called itself a Sand listing also.

1144 Highview (3br/3ba, 2800 sq. ft.) is a newer (2005) modern up near the top of the hill south of Martyrs.

Though the home's styled aggressively outside, inside it has a more comfortable feel inside – more spa than art gallery. Thanks to that "high view" position, the home offers ocean and treetop views. It starts at $1.995m.

Alas, the listing is coded as Area 142, MB Sand Section, but, as we've explained before, just saying that doesn't make it so. (See "The Church in the Sand?" and/or "When Maps Collide.")

The area east of Ardmore, north of MBB, is the Tree Section, according to the map published by the South Bay Association of Realtors.

There's a little more confusion. As if to suggest a Tree Section location, the listing actually begins by saying the home's on a "verdant street."

That's a stretch – there are some trees on the block, but in reality this is a compact, high-density area with lots of concrete and buildings. There's plenty to recommend the area besides its flora.

There are certainly more "verdant" blocks all over the Tree Section – say, Laurel nearby and to the north by the Martyrs school, or 31st between Laurel and Blanche, or Poinsettia between Valley and 31st, even large areas east of Poinsettia in the swath between 14th St.-Marine.

Right, lots of more verdant streets.

One of the other confused "Sand Section" listings nearby may suffer from the new presence of 1144 Highland.

521 12th (4br/3ba, 3100 sq. ft.) offers a bit more square footage in a remodel low down on the hill near Ardmore. It's at 300+ DOM now (please ignore the re-lists that have reset the current clock to 41 DOM). 

After all this time, 12th is priced the same as Highview now begins, at $1.995m. If you want the neighborhood – Sand Section or not – and prefer newer with views, you may choose Highview instead.

Highview is open this coming weekend, and 12th often is, so we'll try to ask you for a direct comparison in our "Weekend Opens" feature then.

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