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By Dave Fratello | November 2nd, 2007
No big themes here, but several bits of news hit our radar:

4419 Highland has a new agent. We saw that the new price last week ($1.499m) came after several days off, but only now is there a new agent's sign (different brokerage) – and big feature ads in the Easy Reader and Beach Reporter.

Oh sure, we're still being told about big ocean views, blah blah, no reference to the highly suspect location. But the home is now staged (see the new pics)... So that may merit a new look this weekend.

We can't ever forget the gems provided by the former agent – "forgiving" MBC for focusing on the prop., calling the home "three levels of bliss!" and labeling it the "Times Square of the South Bay." He even pitched an upcoming re-paving of Highland as a noteworthy plus for future owners. Oh my, we couldn't make this stuff up.

At the other end of town, 117 Highland – which is still, technically, for sale – lowered the rent they're asking from $4,500/mo. to $4,000/mo. Percentagewise, that's more than they ever cut the list price.

228 29th Pl. (new construx, $2.729m, down $320k since Aug. 16) is now warning that this is your "last chance," because the prop. will be taken off market Nov. 15. (According to the Beach Reporter print ad.) Folks are living there, so we can understand if they want to hibernate for the Winter, but do you really think this is your last chance?

Peter Brady's old house is back. Yes, some time ago we said Peter Brady's old house (737 36th) in the Trees just wouldn't sell, and then it did. (It's the MBC curse-in-reverse: We mention you, you go into escrow.) Ah, but it later vanished from the pendings and now it's back, live, for sale again, at the most recent price: $1.645m.

Finally, 2413 Elm, stuck at $1.699m for a few months (after a start at $1.799m), has now dropped to $1.625m, perchance in reaction to the closed sale at 754 14th ($1.665m) that MBC mentioned the other day. We're now told the sellers have previously rejected in concept any offers at $1.5m or thereabouts. We'll see where this one winds up.

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