Open Forum (12/8- )

By Dave Fratello | December 8th, 2009
Some readers may have noticed a few recent additions to our front-page links.

Two local realtors have been trying more seriously to write up their thoughts and observations regularly, an activity now stylishly referred to as "blogging" –
  • Janie Sue Nagy has a good mix of MB-specific news, general buyer info and listing discussions. She started up in October and has posted with reasonable frequency. She's posting to Twitter more often (@BestMBHomes). We first found her blog because she links to MBC (thanks!).
  • Dan O'Connor has had a blog for some time, but made a push this Fall to post a bit more frequently. He also appears to be spending money to promote the blog online. He's tried to offer suggested "deals of the week" and has pointed to notable sales here and there, certain must-see properties and even analyses of active listings.
More realtors becoming bloggers – that's probably good news. There's room for improvement, but don't we all have that? We're hoping to see both Janie Sue and Dan make bigger pushes into regular writing and more analysis.

Also new to the blogroll: MB Civic Couch.

The site's been around for a year, with a mission to develop local news stories and to help area nonprofits get their message out. There's big potential for a hyper-local approach like this. We'll refer to Civic Couch stories more regularly as their posts seem to be of interest to MBC readers.

More discussion about MB? We're ready.


Please use this "Open Forum" to discuss the blogs referenced above, or any news clip, personal opinion, or remembrance from your youth or college days – whatever strikes your fancy.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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