Open Forum (7/7-7/13)

By Dave Fratello | July 7th, 2008
Welcome back.

If you've just returned from out of town, yes, now you know, a fillup really is getting expensive nowadays. And be aware, that fine coat of dandruffy stuff on the cars you left behind is probably ash from the devastating fires all over the state. Serious stuff.

If you stuck around, here's hoping you weren't counting on Sunday as your big beach day. It was actually a good open-house day. Fantastic weekend before that. Particularly if you like late-night, airborne fireworks. (Oh, you know who you are.)

At MBC, we somehow fell into a discussion of the pros and cons of USC, courtesy of a mouthy transplant who got the ball rolling. That discussion seems played out, but you may find it intriguing over in the comments on "June Gloom." If you feel you must add your voice, pick up that discussion here in the "Open Forum" thread, as the "June Gloom" story is closed to this topic.

Our poll on the future of RE prices in MB closed Saturday night. Intriguing results. More on that later Monday.

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