Open House Madness

By Dave Fratello | September 18th, 2008
This is a week that could stand a little levity. So here goes.

Tell us your strangest open house stories.

Realtors, buyers, neighbors, looky-loos – you're all invited to share. What have you seen that was at least a little bit off, funny, surprising, even disturbing?

We can offer 3 quick examples:
  • Open house visitors were instructed that 2 back bedrooms of a multi-million-dollar home were not available for inspection. Serious buyers might get the chance to see them, but perhaps not till escrow closed. The reason, it turns out: One owner, not a fan of the sale or the opens, was hidden away in the back rooms monitoring the open houses via video cameras.
  • Early visitors to one recent open who visited the upstairs bath were able to note, quite readily, that the agent holding the home open had, evidently, not had the chance to "go" before getting to the house. Also called into question – the adequacy of that bath's fan. Whew!
  • Dropping in on a recent FSBO, tourists may have been surprised to find a total lack of the usual open-house atmospherics. The family was home. A teen and a baby, plus mom – no realtor. They were doing what they would be doing on a weekend afternoon – violent video games, diaper changes. Visitors were simply in their world for a few minutes... a different take on the notion of an "open house."
So that might kick this thing off.

From the agents' perspective, oh, we know open-house visitors can be bad. Very bad. They can be strange and disrespectful. There's another wellspring there.

We're not expecting big treatises or over-the-top horror stories. But we know you've got something to say. Have at it.

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