Open House Marathon

By Dave Fratello | March 15th, 2013

You've been running for years, let's say.

A parent or friend dragged you into it. Cross country in high school. UO for college just to get yourself to Eugene. (Cue the chorus of angels.)

Or maybe you got the bug later in life. A 5K here, a 10K there, and then, gradually, the whole idea of running for distance just clicked.

Either way, you know the training, the preparation, the solo time, the team time, the hours and miles you have to log, just to get ready.

Finally, you're ready for the marathon.

This weekend, LA's got its marathon. (That's a fantastic course, we've run it, we love it, and we're both rooting for, and secretly jealous of, friends [and clients] who will run the LA Marathon this weekend.)

But MB's got its marathon, too, this weekend...

And it's all real estate, baby.

So, are you ready? Have you trained? Tapered?

This past week, 19 new listings debuted on the MLS. Many will be open publicly this coming weekend, challenging your weekend schedule.

Hey, you said you wanted more inventory.

How will you get to them all?

If this seems daunting, just know, for local agents, there are even more off-market or pre-market listings being floated in a serious way this week, which we're expected to see. (As a f'rinstance, Dave's new listing at 700 27th, which hits the MLS next week and has a public open next weekend, Sun. Mar. 24.) The Friday broker's open list totals 18 properties in MB alone; who's got time for Hermosa?

We're running ragged here, folks, just trying to keep up.

To produce this weekend's open-house review post for MB Confidential, it will feel like the pinnacle of years of training.

But that's OK. When race day comes, you never say, "I feel tired," "I don't have time," or, "I'm not sure I'm ready." You go.

So strap on those shoes. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Plan your strategy and your route. Don't forget to hydrate along the way.

Whichever marathon you're running.


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