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Oh, it seems like such an easy year for sellers again. Huge gains last year, big deals already this year. We're on a rocket to the moon!

But what if you've had your house on the market a while already, haven't drawn good offers, and the Super Bowl kickoff of our Spring selling season actually seems threatening?

You chop.

We saw that on a couple of Tree Section listings this week.

The most notable was at 3005 Maple (pictured).

As to the home itself, we like what the sellers did with the place after acquiring it in 2011. That's clear in our review from mid-month. (See "Sunday Opens (1/15/15).")

But entering the 7th week of the listing, the sellers seem to have had no action.

What's holding them back? Maybe the upside-down floorplan in a non-view…

It has been a heck of a year for townhome prices in Manhattan Beach. Suddenly the 3's are not at all out of the question for a unit with a view.

Down on Highland in the South End, two 90s townhomes figured to be a part of the party. But both saw the market adjust from their initial hopes and aspirations.

The most extreme overreach was at 512 Highland (3br/3ba, 2135 sq. ft.) which debuted in the depths of August asking, achem, $2.789M.

We had several reservations about the place, including its layout (2br share the master bath for a feature we had to call a "jack-and-jill master bath") and its overall condition – not too much updated from the '97 build.

In terms of pricing, this one soon had a bigger problem: Competition nearby.

That was 616 Highland

You may not hear the tick-tick-tick out there, but home sellers do.

There are just a few weeks left of our typical selling season here before real estate market slows notably. We recently called the upcoming slowdown the "Holiday Dead Zone."

So if you've had your listing out there a while, and mean to get a deal done, now's the time to convince buyers that you're serious.

Just a few recent chops:

40 Dover Place (3br/3ba, 1820 sq. ft.) is a somewhat remodeled Village TH that's just about to finish its third month on market.

For a while it looked like everything in the Village was going to sell quickly. A neighbor at 26 Dover (3br/3ba, 2040 sq. ft.) hit the market at the same time and had a deal within a week. The Village is steaming toward a 10-year

It was just 2 weeks ago that 512 Highland (3br/3ba, 2135 sq. ft.) debuted on the market.

The $2.789M asking price seemed awfully ambitious given the busy street, vintage (90s build) and overall condition – good, but not perfect or fully modern. (See our review from our Sunday Opens post on 8/31/14.)

Turns out, they've acted quickly to cure the evident overpricing problem.

512 Highland is suddenly down 16% to $2.449M.

The listing now screams that it's priced for "immediate sale."

They also say it's "[p]riced below most recent comp in the area," which would have to be a reference to the heavy, elaborately decorated TH on the busy corner at 98 Manhattan Ave. (3br/3ba, 2100 sq. ft.). That one just closed for $2.583M about 2 weeks ago.

No doubt, some…