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OK, the kids are back in school, so you can catch up again on what's been going on around town.

Today, we'll start a series of short briefings on the Manhattan Beach real estate market.

First things first, you do typically see an inventory bulge in Summer. At some point in early August, we saw as many as 84-85 homes available for sale in Manhattan Beach. Through absorption, quitting and all, the total is down to 67 as we write on Weds. morn. (See the MB Dashboard for an update.)

You could say a lot of dirt – or sand – changed hands in the Sand Section over the Summer. Here are some of the lot sales to close just since school broke for Summer, along with other news from the beach.

Bruce's Beach Park-Adjacent Lots

2520 Manhattan Ave. and 2519 Bayview,

Summer's a great time to hit the water and lay in the sun. For real estate listings, though, it's often a time to gather moss.

Moss, in this case, comes in the form of extra DOM.

The point being: You can sell in Summer, but don't expect it.

A custom corner-lot Hill Section house at 1000 Highview is down $500K to $5.999M, but pushing 6 months now.

In the Tree Section, a custom Cape Cod at 2104 Flournoy hasn't been exposed quite as long, just over 4 months now, but it's down nearly $1M to $3.990M.

Or look down in the Sand Section.

A very decent townhome at what could be an attractive price over at 3105 Vista (asking $2.300M) has nonetheless sat out the Summer, now ready to finish 4 months on market.

And so it goes. There are plenty of other listings…

At today's prices, you see sellers asking - and buyers paying – as much, or more, for little lots than you would expect to see for an actual livable house.

Look at just a few half lots on the market recently:

209 15th just made a deal with a list price of $2.299M.

The smallish, 2-story house is dated and you have to say the bulk of the value is in the land, all 1345 sqft. of that plot. Despite a busy intersection nearby, they've pulled in a deal fast.

We noted last week that the back unit, the companion half lot to 209 15th, known as 210 15th Place, is pushing for a ton more, listing for $2.889M.

317 11th is new to market, a half lot right on the periphery of downtown Manhattan Beach.

The 1350 sqft. lot sports a small, 2br. house with very decent…

Temps hitting the 80s and Manhattan Beach listing inventory... also almost in the 80s.

Must be Summer.

If you get a chance to talk to Parks & Rec, or one of our various rotating mayors or city councilpersons, don't forget to say something like: "Hey, the 6-man was pretty successful here this year. Looks like we're ready to go all the way back to the weekends."

The juniors – successful, too – they can have the weekdays to themselves.

You say you want to make a difference? Try it.

Here's our local real estate market update report for the period ending 7/31/15:

  • 76 active listings as of 7/31/15 (+5 from 7/15)
  • 65 SFRs (+2)
  • 11 THs (+3)

See the inventory list as of 7/31/15 here, or see the MB Dashboard for up-to-the-minute data.

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