Sand Dune Forum Tues. Nite

By Dave Fratello | April 13th, 2010
The ever-contentious fight over what's next for Sand Dune Park moves to the Joslyn Center Tuesday night. Could it be the final battle?

Beginning at 5:00, locals can view 2 "potential new designs" for the park created by UCLA students:
  1. Restoration of the "dune habitat" (for plants & critters, not people); and
  2. What's called "expanded educational and recreational opportunities for adults and children."
That's just the warmup, though. 

The city's official meeting, dedicated to The Dune, begins at 6:30, and they've calendared it till 11:30, so bring no-doz or sleeping bags, or both. Due to the location change, the meeting won't be televised.

You'll recall that, at the last City Council meeting on the subject in mid-January, leaders were pretty clear that they intended to look only at options for the future of the park that would sharply limit Dune usage and effectively ban "workouts."

City staff have now sketched several options, too many to summarize here. (Click here for the Agenda page and click the blue "4/13/10-1" to download the full PDF.)

One proposal calls for a $5/hr. usage fee in peak months, $3/hr. off-peak, but suggests this won't really cover costs. Various other plans involve reconfiguring The Dune or replanting it.

The Reopen-the-Dune movement warns of Tuesday's meeting:
In addition to radically changing the park, Council will be considering an ordinance making it illegal to exercise, raise your heart rate, or stretch in a public park! This is unbelievable in a country where obesity and heart disease are the leading killer of children and adults.
That group has organized impressively in recent months, with hundreds of MB locals signing a petition to reopen The Dune.

Now, can they fight City Hall?

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