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Full moon, Super moon...

Beach moon. 

Did you seriously miss the epic pre-sunrise moon-set on Saturday?

Not MBC! (Photo credit: Mrs. MBC.)

Next time we'll drag out all the fancy equipment. (Reminder: Get fancy equipment.)

Our local real estate market isn't setting. When the schools re-open, we typically see a new flurry of activity. So that's... now.

To plan your open-house tours for this week, try this Redfin map list of open houses, or click here for the Beach Reporter list of opens. (Note: The BR now uses a new format, said to be more mobile-friendly. We'll see.)

Don't forget, when previewing homes here on MB Confidential, you can click "Open All Images" right above the main listing photo to get immediate display of all the listing photos at

OK, the kids are back in school, so you can catch up again on what's been going on around town.

Today, we'll start a series of short briefings on the Manhattan Beach real estate market.

First things first, you do typically see an inventory bulge in Summer. At some point in early August, we saw as many as 84-85 homes available for sale in Manhattan Beach. Through absorption, quitting and all, the total is down to 67 as we write on Weds. morn. (See the MB Dashboard for an update.)

You could say a lot of dirt – or sand – changed hands in the Sand Section over the Summer. Here are some of the lot sales to close just since school broke for Summer, along with other news from the beach.

Bruce's Beach Park-Adjacent Lots

2520 Manhattan Ave. and 2519 Bayview,

Maybe we're not charging enough for our house, thought the sellers to themselves... Time for a price increase.

We've seen that around here from time to time.

Is that the case at 516 Marine?

Not really, but there was just a big price jump: From $2.600M asking to $3.699M. That's basically $1.1M (+42%).

They were already asking a pretty princely sum for the original 3br/2ba, 1600 sqft. house. (The 1960 build has some nice updates inside, but more can be done with this nearly 3000 sqft. lot.)

Comps for the property as-is seem to hover in the $2.2-2.3M range, but they were asking $2.6M.

The markup was surely partly about turning a quick-flip profit on a recent acquisition. The property sold just this past March for $2.150M, after some on-and-off NOD

The received wisdom is: It's good to be the third agent.

The idea is that if there's a problem listing, a seller's resistance will be weakened and they might finally be ready for some cold advice by the time the third agent comes in to list the property.

At 501 Manhattan Ave., the least that can be said is that the third agent has benefited by having the seller make the biggest price cut on the property in 2015.

The property was first listed in November 2014 for a total of 11 days, asking $7.000M.

That wasn't going to happen. The smallish, original duplex is fine but the land value wasn't $7M, and the rental calculations certainly didn't pencil out at that number.

A new agent launched a new listing in 2015, $1M lighter at $5.999M and at a more optimal