Saturday View Open (3/10)

By Dave Fratello | March 10th, 2012
MBC's "Weekend Opens" feature will appear Sunday with a series of Sunday open houses.

But first we are posting a new video that goes along with one Saturday open.

Current house at 636 8th
Yes, we've already taken note of 636 8th a couple of times, once right after it posted, and again when they opened it up to the public. (See "Big Views, Nearly $5m for Dirt.") 

We have remained concerned that the listing pics are a bit spare, not quite conveying the grandeur of the views.

Those views seem like some kind of rare MB resource that we think everyone should share, while they can.

So when Friday proved to be nice and clear, we headed over to 8th and tried to capture the views on this 2-minute video:

As you'll see, the 9950 sq. ft. lot is on a great position on the hill where everything to the south and west drops down, clearing the way for forever vistas. No poles, no obstructions, just rooftops, PV and Catalina. The current list price, $4.850m, is right where they started a month ago.

You'll see it all much better if you're not relying on Dave's iPhone camera.

Check out 636 8th on Saturday from 1-4pm.


To plan out your other weekend tours, try this Redfin map list of open houses – you can sort by price or sub-region of MB by clicking the title on a column. Or click here for the more traditional Beach Reporter list of opens.

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