Sunday Opens (10/6)

By Dave Fratello | October 6th, 2013

Everyone loves a fair, right?

This weekend, MB continues its effort to be a cute-as-a-button small town. Even as so much changes, the Hometown Fair tries to stay the same. (These 40+ years in.)

Though it's fryin' hot today, go on out and grab a funnel cake, win a(nother) fish or grab some suds. The carnies are local kids and parents, and the bucks you lay out typically go to charitable causes. C'mon. You only get one chance a year.

Here's hoping you had a chance to run the MB 10K on Saturday, too. Dave's got a rule established years ago: When you can walk to the starting line of a race, you probably should run it.

There was a good set of new listings this week, and with clear skies, the ocean views from a couple are really, really worth getting out there to see.

Also, we've had a couple of inquiries about open houses at 3017 Elm, Dave's new listing from last week, but no, that one sold quickly with multiple offers and there won't be an open. On to the next one.

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!).

Sand Section

109 Bayview (3br/4ba, 2000 sq. ft.) is all about truth in advertising. That name on the (alley) street: bay view. Yes, there is a bay view. Oh YES, that is a BAY VIEW. If you go, prepare, so you're not so shocked that your heart drops into your stomach. 

As you know, we're critics and connoiseurs of real estate writing here at MBC, and we're prepared to be skeptical when we encounter a phrase like the one that appears in this listing: "the views are literally breathtaking and unblockable." And yet, "literally breathtaking" seems fair here. That's what happened to Dave, just about. It's going to drive someone crazy for the house.

Now, the TH itself, well, it's simple (90s modern) and a bit dated. After visiting the top floor, you may come to your senses enough to say, hey, that kitchen needs a reboot. The baths, too. The carpeting makes the place feel dated. This will take some work, to revive a 90s modern and give it flash and flair befitting the views. But that's the rational part of the brain talking.

Layout-wise, of course the main living spaces are up top, to drink in the Pacific, with the kitchen rather tucked away in a corner. The middle floor features 2br, each with attached baths, the master getting a western exposure and some views of thin lines of blue. It's really interesting to see the laundry room location – right off the closets of both rooms on this middle level. Talk about putting the laundry where it's needed.

Downstairs is a third bedroom suite that opens to a patio. It's fairly bright and may well serve as second living room for many buyers. (That is how it shows now.)

This 90s TH starts at over $1,200/PSF for a place that needs updating – straightforward updating, to be sure, but it will benefit from that re-do. Of course, few PPSF numbers from across the Sand Section can capture the value of the views here at Bayview.

109 Bayview starts at $2.399M and is open Sat. & Sun. 2-5pm.

324 31st (3br/3ba, 2315 sq. ft. ) gets some very good views, too, although in an SFR with a less straightfoward floor plan. It benefits from a bigger than normal lot at 1800 sq. ft. – greater than a normal half lot (1350 sq. ft.) or the size of a typical TH on a shared full lot, allowing that somewhat bigger interior square footage.

They call this early-90s custom build "Santa Barbara" in style, though you might have said "Mediterranean." The Spanish tile upstairs could move you toward saying "Santa Barbara."

This is an interesting one to compare to 109 Bayview, given similar build years, similar square footage and ocean views. Bayview's views can rock one's world, while here at 31st they are simply very good. There is a neighbor to the west that might disrupt the views when/if built up, though the slant of the lot here at 31st seems to offer hope for quite a bit of the view to be left over even after new construction to the west some day. (Buyer to verify of course.)

Where Bayview felt more plain, simple, and dated, this one has more aggressive styling, a chopped-up layout – the idea being to create several separate living spaces – and a somewhat more current, say, early 2000s, cozy feeling. (Yes even with the early 90s construction date.)

Both are priced around the same – with 31st starting at $2.389M. And of course it's an SFR where you own the land, and this home's a bit bigger – maybe offering more common space up top and also with a bonus room on the first level (now shown as a gym).

This one brings out some echoes of 3601 Crest, another SFR on a bigger lot (1755 sq. ft.) with very big views, similar in size (3br/3ba, 2430 sq. ft.) but in a notably impacted location. That one is "on hold" now, but had accrued 100+ DOM at prices of $2.150M down to $1.899M.  

324 31st starts at $2.389M and is open Sun. 1-4pm. 

Hill Section

719 11th (5br/5ba, 5700 sq. ft.) is a ginormous Hill Section home built in the early 90s and updated about 6-7 years ago.

The top floor boasts no-doubt-about-it ocean views, both to the west and over rooftops to the south toward PV. Those are real and nice.

This is a very big house with living areas and bedrooms everywhere. On the lowest level, there's a basement game room (shown with TV and gym equipment) and a more-than-full-size bedroom suite. (Often on the lowest level the spare bedrooms are perfunctory; not here.) On the middle level, in addition to 3br there's an office. Up top, where the main living spaces are (to take advantage of the views), there's yet another full bedroom suite.

There are two sets of garages here, intriguingly enough. Obviously you have the "main" garage in front, but there are also garages in back off the alley. As you see the house now, they have put those rear garages into services as yet more living space, a family game room. There is a little bit of a patio/yard area, fairly dark even in the afternoon, with an elaborate in-ground spa.

The master is up front on that middle level, sprawling the width of the house, complete with separate sitting area and a large bath. The bath seems refreshed from its 1990 version, but might want another round of updating. The other bedrooms are plenty sizable; the kids could get older/bigger, and more stuff would work just fine in the house.

The top floor is what makes this home what it is. Lots of common spaces and arched ceilings. Real views. A fairly modern, wide-open kitchen.

You can't completely lose the 90s origins of this one, but there's lots of space and a good location, and it would appear they are pricing in the vintage.

719 11th starts at $3.299M and is open Sun. 2-4pm.

This is a better year to take a run at 930 John (5br/7ba, 5400 sq. ft.) than when the home was new.

Back in Spring 2008, when 930 John was first offered, they began at $4.995M. That was the assumption of what you could get (yes even in '08) for a new, big, luxe "Tuscan Villa" in the Hill Section.

Those assumptions gave way to reality after the financial world collapsed, and a deal for $3.700M was inked in early 2009.

Even today, they're not trying to reach the 2009 number, starting 930 John at $3.499M.

This home offers 4br together on the middle level along with a private office opening to a courtyard. The master's up front and gets some treetop and rooftop views over the eastern part of the Hill Section toward the north. Downstairs is a family/game room and wine storage area, plus spare bedroom.

The top floor offers several bright living spaces with rooftop/treetop views – and you'd capture the mountains and downtown LA on a clear day, too, we'd hazard.

The 5575 sq. ft. corner lot is a bit smaller than might be typical in the Hills, and with all the square footage for living spaces, where you feel that is in the patio in back. It's not really a yard, and a bit too formal for a game of catch or kicking a soccer ball. In keeping with the formality of the rest of the home, it's a grown-up space.

930 John starts at $3.499M and is open Sun. 1-3pm.

Tree Section

3113 Maple (4br/4ba, 3015 sq. ft.) may be worth a quick toodle-by, but it's gone. They drew immediate offers and went into escrow Friday evening. Such is 2013.

When we caught a glimpse of this one, we noted its 90s vintage, but exceptionally wide open feeling all around the first floor. Yes, a lot of space was devoted to a formal living room, but the kitchen/great room in back did not suffer. A large dining area subbed for the formal dining room and added space back there. As you'd like, it all opens to the patio/yard, which includes a little playhouse you could just pinch.

You'd want to modernize the kitchen and baths, especially the master. And the light-colored flooring might look more 21st century with a restaining. But there's a lot to work with here.

3113 Maple began at $2.075M, and then it was gone. They still have listed an open house for Sun. 2-4pm, but we're not certain whether it's on or not.

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