Sunday Opens (1/10)

By Dave Fratello | January 10th, 2010
The fires of hell, and a solid new swell – that's how the weekend kicked off.

Friday evening, the refinery flared up epically from at least 4:30pm-6pm. Chevron said the tower of flame, visible for miles around and drawing TV news choppers, was the result of some doohickey breaking, with the flames (and smoke) resulting from a precautionary release of gas. Nothing to see here. (Note: the pic here is not from Friday.)

Every once and so often, the refinery announces its presence in this way to the northern Tree Section and Sand Section plateau areas, reminding folks that there's a bunch of explosive stuff a few hundred yards away. Safely contained, of course.

Meanwhile, winter storms are becoming more reliable for surf, including the current system. The shape up north is a reminder of the benefits of El Norte, maybe washing away the flames.

So, shoppers – know what you're getting into.

This week, let's ease back into the "Weekend Opens" routine. Just one debut open house in the Sand, and we'll mention another nearby.

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!).

Please report back here at MBC on any open houses you visit – what you like, what you don't like, etcetera.

Sand Section

As we noted in the most recent MB Market Update, 1704 Highland is a newer 4br/4ba, 3300 sq. ft. home with big views and downtown proximity.

The home was briefly the home of a former Dodgers pitcher, Brad Penny, who paid $2.425m in May 2005 and unloaded the home to the current owners for $300k less ($2.125m) in Aug. 2006.

Starts at $2.199mOpen Sun. 1-4pm.

Nearby, the new home up the hill at 328 16th (4br/5ba, 4200 sq. ft.) debuts this weekend, a Mediterranean designed and built by 2 familiar names around town.

The location is a bit charmed – extremely close to downtown, yet off the beaten path. High enough on the hill to draw in some good ocean views.

The listing debuted last month at $3.643m and remains there.

Open Sun. 1-4pm.

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