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By Dave Fratello | July 7th, 2012
There's no such thing as a real estate boycott, but the week of July 4th comes pretty close. Especially when you put the holiday midweek and scramble everyone's brains.

Total number of truly new listings in all of MB in the past 7 days: ZERO.

(We are excluding this new complex east of Aviation, which apparently does squeeze into the 90266.)

But here's the asterisk to that no-new-listings thing... we do have 2 truly new open-house options this week in the Sand, including new construction on the plateau at 417 34th. They just hit the MLS more than a week ago.

Speaking of asterisks, did you see San Diego's July 4th fireworks show fail? A solid 500,000 people gathered for this lovely 15-second extravaganza. An asterisk itself is almost as exciting:

Too. Many. Metaphors.

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!).

Sand Section

417 34th (4br/5ba, 4300 sq. ft.) is rare, a couple of times over – new construction on the Sand Section plateau, and a plateau listing over $3m. They're trying to get that based on ocean views ("breathtaking," they promise) and the alleyside location that brightens up the home with no neighbor to the west.

This new, warm modern was just completed and we haven't yet seen it. We're letting the pics tell the story for now – a sharp and angular home with wood accents, ocean-view decks and all the modern bells and whistles, including an elevator.

It's definitely worth a look while they have it open to John Q. Public.

For comparison's sake, 417 34th isn't the first plateau home to ask for $3m+, but it would be the first one to get that kind of number, if they do. The top 2 prior sales in the 400 blocks were $2.989m and $3.0m, back in the bubble years, while the highest recent sale was an off-market deal for $2.775m. (See all the homes we're discussing in "Beachy Modern Marks New Plateau High," from December 2011.) 

417 34th starts at $3.299m and is open Sun. 1-4pm.

424 Marine Place (3br/3ba, 1925 sq. ft.) is a newer TH built for the bubble but sold at the bottom, prepping now for a resale at a markup to 2009.

The TH, with a familiar layout (midlevel master & 2nd br, bottom floor guest room/office), has got echoes of the modern styling you see at the new home on 34th – a crisp contemporary flair, great cherry wood floors and wood accents, high-end kitchen, etc. Nothing's quite typical here, though. The style's splashy and well done.

Location-wise, well, it's an alley. Try not to be distracted by the listing pic showing the front unit along Marine Ave., which does get ocean views. Here you're looking over rooftops and there's plenty of sun and sky, but no ocean. This area is part of a cluster of multifamily units quite near Grandview Elementary, and nearer to parks and downtown – even the beach – than you may appreciate at first. 

The TH sports a 2007 completion date, and was marketed (without success) in 2008 at $1.875m down to $1.299m, its eventual sale price in Jan. 2009. (Now there's a collapse of ambitions.)

Say what you will about today's market – it's better than Jan. 2009, when people thought the sky might actually fall.

424 Marine Place begins at a 15% markup to 2009, $1.499m, and is open Sun. 2-4pm.

121 36th Place (4br/4ba, 2700 sq. ft.) is a newer (2005) custom build on a 2/3rds-size lot (1725 sq. ft.) just a few steps up from The Strand.

The top level boasts a full-bore, PV-to-Malibu ocean panorama as well as the sounds of crashing surf.

The home blends an exterior style that's more of a modern Mediterranean with the all-white interior aesthetic you'd find more commonly in a coastal Cape Cod. Whatever the style, it's a fully modern, spectacular space upstairs. If you climb up on tiptoes, you may see the waves crash into the sand. The neighbor to the west is new construction, so the view now is the view you'll keep.

On a smaller lot like this, you expect to find rooms that are a bit tight, and that's the case. The master is clearly the master, but with 2 kid bedrooms and a laundry room sharing the main bedroom floor, space is at a premium everywhere. A 4th bedroom is downstairs at the garage level.

Surprise: Go below the garage level, and there's an extra bonus room plus a big wine cellar. The space seems now to be sort of a gym/media room. However you use it, space dug out beneath the garage like this clearly shows a commitment to maximizing the lot.

121 36th Place is now at $2.425m and is open Sun. 1-4pm.

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