Sunday Opens (8/10/14)

By Dave Fratello | August 10th, 2014

Two things that just would not happen in Manhattan Beach: Shark Week on our beach (a.k.a., "Fin Fest") or Jimmy Buffett showing up for a free concert.

Those things can happen in Hermosa, and it's all good. It's close and easy to visit. But MB is going to take a pass every time.

Especially this year, after (gulp) an enraged, hooked shark bit a swimmer and made MB out to be some kind of modern-day Amity Island in the American public mind. Thanks a lot, chummers.

MB gets its shot at Summer craziness next weekend with the AVP MB Open volleyball tourney, starting Thursday. It's neither Buffett nor the 6-man, but it will envelop the pier with the biggest event of the Summer.

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!).

Don't forget, when previewing homes here on MB Confidential, you can click "Open All Images" right above the main listing photo to get immediate display of all the listing photos at once.

Hill Section

200 S. Poinsettia (6br/7ba, 5060 sq. ft.) is a big, custom 90s house with lots of light and open, flowing spaces, and a surprise or two.

Now, it's very much of its vintage, and not a familiar layout, but you can wrap your mind around it after getting through the whole place.

There are lots of common spaces spread along the first floor, including a big, open kitchen with dining area and a connected family room near the yard (a smallish space that would be hard to do much with).

But the truly fun common space is not on the first level, not on the second level, but way up on the third floor (did we really see 3 floors? yes we did), where a big outdoor patio with built-in wet bar awaits. Ocean views and breezes are quite good. It's worth the hike.

Other than that big patio, the third floor is really for the (sprawling) master, which features a roughly 700 sq. ft. bath, including sauna. (To the downside, your guests at any patio party might need to ask to use that master bath.)

Of the 6br, there are 4br concentrated on the midlevel and one more tucked away on the first floor. The garage and laundry are yet another level down – yes, there are really 4 levels to the home – and while hauling laundry up the stairs would be no fun, there is a laundry chute for getting stuff down there. 

200 S. Poinsettia starts at $4.200M and is open Sun. 1-4pm.

Tree Section

632 33rd (4br/2ba, 2250 sq. ft.) is a late 1960s build with some (relative) updates, a squarish cottage on a street-to-alley lot featuring a pocket backyard.

It feels like one half of the house is bedrooms and the other side common areas. Popcorn ceilings and tile counters date the place somewhat. So the home has location going for it, but could be a project to really bring closer to the modern era. We did like the open kitchen, brightness of the spaces and the overall cleanliness and presentation. 

It was not so long ago that an effective 2br mid-century home – cool remodel, difficult house – nearby at 576 33rd sold for $1.900M. Most recently, a corner-lot home on Blanche at 599 35th (3br/3ba, 2400 sq. ft.) sold for $1.705M.

632 33rd is right between those with a start at $1.799M, and it is open Sun. 1-4pm.

747 33rd (5br/5ba, 3800 sq. ft.) is a "Santa Barbara" Spanish that had made a deal so quickly last week, they canceled their opens. It's back now and ready to show off.

This 1998 build is almost U-shaped around a side courtyard, with a formal living room up front and comfy family room in back off the open kitchen.

With the garage in back, you can go up some stairs and to one bedroom suite over the garage, then up more stairs to find the balance of the bedrooms on the top level. (One shows as an office.) A couple of the bedrooms seemed to be on the small side, but not the master. The master bath is clearly updated.

747 33rd starts at $2.875M and is open Sun. 2-4pm.

East MB

401 N. Peck (6br/6ba, 4550 sq. ft.) is a brand-new Mediterranean that's got a very familiar layout, super-sized to max out on this 7500 sq. ft. lot.

If you were wondering: Are they building more new Mediterraneans these days? The answer here is: Yes. Emphatically. And here they've added all sorts of ornate details: Mosaic tiles in the baths, florid railings along the stairs, an intricately designed stone mantle, boxed/coffered ceilings, and interesting custom details within the flooring. They even added a vanity in the master... closet.

On this full-size lot there's a big and sunny yard, planted now with just the rudiments – grass and some plants around the edges. It could handle a pool or more elaborate landscape design. The sunny western exposure is a plus.

Locationwise, we were surprised to see a house here in what seemed to be an isolated mid-block lot, and to find that this was a full-size East MB 7500 sq. ft. lot. On either side, to the north and south, you have homes on more conventional lots fronting their numbered streets and oriented north/south instead of east/west like this one. It's kind of alone on the block in its way.

New should draw top dollar, and that's the ambition here. One to watch.

401 N. Peck starts at $2.900M and is open Sun. 1-4pm.

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