This Home Is an Island

By Dave Fratello | July 3rd, 2008
If you're fed up with having neighbors 6 feet away on both sides of your home, we've got the house for you.

1208 Oak (click address for pics & details via Redfin) has some strikes against it, but tight proximity to neighbors is not one of them.

It's a virtual island, hemmed in on all sides by parking lots and commercial buildings, not houses. (One of the businesses is a preschool.)

At this point you might wonder: When did someone decide to build a home on the "wrong" side of Oak amid businesses and parking lots?

How about 2004, when anything and everything was getting financed, built and sold?

Once complete, the home sold in March 2005 for $1.449m.

Now, 3+ years later, it starts at $1.7m (+$251k/+17%).

For that price, someone will get a lot of house. It's got 5br/4ba and 3500 sq. ft. and "an excellent floor plan" (listing). Not much of a yard in terms of space – this is the Tree Section, and a typical maxed-out home on a 4480 sq. ft. lot – but the landscaping is almost extreme. (Click address for some of the pics.) That's a nice way to mitigate the asphalt-island feeling.

1208 Oak is one of just 3 Tree Section listings with a sub-$500 PPSF, at $488/PSF. Another is huge and lovely (590 36th) and the third is huge and, well, near the refinery, unusual, and stuck (3309 Pacific).

Intriguingly, we've watched 5 listings on Oak cancel recently, presumably unsold:
  • 1708 Oak
  • 1409 Oak
  • 3013 Oak
  • 1400 Oak
  • 1720 Oak
... of which the last may have been the most comparable. 1720 Oak was at least 10 years older, but about the same size. It ran 90 days, last at $1.599m. No takers.

It's a rough neighborhood. But all of those homes had neighbors. Maybe a little island appeal will help this time.

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