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In less than 2 weeks, inventory in the Tree Section has dropped quickly – mostly due to new sales.

As of April 15 this year, there were 32 listings in the almost-glutted Tree Section. There had been 14 active listings in the Tree Section exactly one year prior, so this was a huge difference... much more choice for buyers.

As of Thursday morning, inventory was back down to 22 active listings. Where did those other listings go? Here's our rundown (you can click any address to see more photos & details on any listing).

1313 Pine Avenue Manhattan Beach CA1313 Pine (5br/4ba, 3250 sqft.) is essentially new construction, purchased one year ago pre-completion and before it came to market for $3.290M.

It's an artistically done Cape Cod on a corner lot, which allows entry from the side. The…

Let's be clear right away: Building 3305 Pine was a crazy idea.

3305 Pine Avenue Manhattan Beach CAWell, back that up. 3305 Pine used to be just one house, and building that one wasn't crazy. Acquiring the home next door and making the two homes together into a compound – that was a little crazy.

Oh, but it's the kind of crazy that people can really, really like.

And now, twice, 3305 Pine has become the tippity-top sale in the Manhattan Beach Tree Section outside the Martyrs area. It has just closed this week for $6.750M.

Look closely: That's $3.375M per house for two homes that are awfully far north and east within the Trees to command those kinds of prime prices.

That's because the compound had become more than the sum of its parts. More on the home in a moment.

The last time this…

Not to be dramatic, but there was a time when $2M could take you pretty far when shopping for homes in Manhattan Beach.

Now, a budget like that is going to involve some compromises. Take a smaller home. Plan a new build or major remodel. Or some combination thereof.

Here's a not-necessarily-complete list of recent sales somewhere near $2M, which illustrate the options at that price point.

As with every property referenced on the blog here, you can click any address for full listing details & photos.

2701 Pine Avenue Manhattan Beach CA2701 Pine (4br/3ba, 2300 sqft.) is a dapper Cape Cod on a corner in a mostly quiet part of the Tree Section. It has just closed for $2.200M.

Both the home and the lot are significantly smaller than is typical for the Tree Section. A 4br house would often…

manhattan beach tree section real estateInventory of homes for sale in the Tree Section has now grown to 28 active listings. And that's before any new entries for the coming weekend. [UPDATE: The total hit 30 by Friday morning.]

Last year at this time, buyers looking in the area had 13 homes to choose from.

Given that this is our town's primary west-of-Sepulveda family neighborhood, this should be a good sign for home shoppers.

The expanding inventory... not as great of a sign for sellers.

3009 North Poinsettia Avenue Manhattan Beach CASome of the absolutely prime homes have come off the board. For instance, 3009 Poinsettia (4br/4ba, 3600 sqft., asking $3.700M) and 2100 Pine (5br/5ba, 3180 sqft., listed at $3.099M), both custom builds (resales) that sold pretty quickly after coming to market in the last few weeks.

And new construction…