Weekend Opens (3/21-3/22)

By Dave Fratello | March 21st, 2009
This weekend is not the same kind of treat we've had recently, with lots of new offerings.

Indeed, there are no exciting new SFR listings in the Sand Section, so we've skipped it.

An abbreviated list of weekend opens follows. Note, in particular, 660 33rd in the Trees. It has been around a while, but we're trying to gin up interest here as we consider running a pricing poll on it next week. (Per a reader suggestion.)

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!).

We ask MBC readers who visit these homes – or any open houses – to also report back. Tell us what you see, what you like and what you don't like. Use the comments here to discuss the homes we've highlighted.

One more note – our "Weekend Opens" feature is supposed to be about the houses that are listed, but we see these posts used as launching pads for "Open Forum"-type discussions each week. So be it. Keep it clean and we'll perhaps go lightly on the moderation.

Hill Section

509 Dianthus (3br/3ba, 2250 sq. ft.) is a mid-60s home that has been completely redone and resembles some newer construction.

They're pitching the city/mountain views, particularly off the front deck. Just the minimum one pic in the listing, so check it out in person.

Starts at $1.350m. Open Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm.

881 10th (5br/6ba, 4000 sq. ft.) is a big custom home with a distinctive turret entry. Great in many respects, but the corner location on Poinsettia may be a turnoff for some, as would the lack of a real yard. Sellers paid $2.8m new in April 2006 and seek $2.889m now. Open Sun. 1-4pm.

Tree Section

1817 Pacific (5br/4ba, 3320 sq. ft.) is a newer (2005) home that's priced below acquisition – always something that will grab your blog author's attention.

And then Mrs. MBC went all ga-ga for the Brazilian cherry wood flooring. (She's got a couple of faves like that.)

Overall a solid, sweet newer home that is priced just a notch below where newbies are these days. Sellers paid $1.925m in April 2005; up now, 4 years later, at $1.799. Open Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm.

660 33rd (5br/5ba, 4475 sq. ft.) has been around for most of a year if you count the pre-construction listing, a bit more than 4 months since its official kickoff.

A reader nominated this home for a pricing poll, which would run next week if visitors and commenters here show some interest in the home this weekend.

Your job: Check it out, come back here and chat. Current price: $2.599m. It's open Sat. 1-4pm, Sun. 2-4pm.

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