Weekend Opens (12/12-12/13)

By Dave Fratello | December 12th, 2009
The holidays are truly just around the corner, but we have one true debut this weekend near downtown and another first-time announced public open at Monticello.

That's right, 2009 is nearly ending, but we're not quite running out of new material.

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To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!).

Please report back here at MBC on any open houses you visit – what you like, what you don't like, etcetera.

Hill Section

913 Highview looks like it'll hang around for the holidays, and sometimes that means the sellers mean to make a deal at some point. After 6 months on market, they've had some time to think about what it might take.

The home is elegant, newer (2004 build) and relatively compact for the Hills (3br/4ba, 2350 sq. ft.). The location on Highview is on a quiet little block near downtown.

There's been good feedback on the home from readers here, but price, now $2.249m, obviously remains an obstacle. One measure is to look at the acquisition price: 913 Highview was purchased for $1.910m in Feb. 2005.

That means today's price is still up $339k (+18%) from there. Most of MB is living in 2004 prices, not 18% above 2005.

Open Sun. 1-4pm.

On a different score, don't get too excited by that $974k listing in the Beach Reporter at "919 John." Yes, a mere dog run on that part of John could be worth $2m. That's what we call a printer's error. 919 Johnson, in East MB, is on offer at that price.

Sand Section

328 16th (4br/5ba, 4200 sq. ft.) debuts this weekend, a Mediterranean designed and built by 2 familiar names around town.

The location is a bit charmed – extremely close to downtown, yet off the beaten path. High enough on the hill to draw in some good ocean views.

The build has signatures of the architect, including lots of round archways and an overall modern feel. After that, the elegant details – Venetian plaster, cherry wood floors, high-end kitchen – are all to be expected, but no less enjoyable for that.

This project was gutsy for a speckie, post-bubble – lot was acquired for $1.850m in Feb. 2008, after the end of the boom was apparent and we'd already seen the first mini-meltdown in financial markets. That said, they've added a lot of value here. It'd be interesting to see where the break-even point lays. 

The listing begins at the strangely precise price of $3.643m

328 16th is open Sun. 1-4pm.

Also, just like last weekend, the whole set of 5 modern condos in El Porto Norte is open Sunday 1-4pm. (See last week's open house feature for more on the condos.)

The addresses are all mixed up, but getting there is simple: just go as far north as you can on Highland, almost to the Chevron station, but stop at 43rd, look up, go east – can't miss 'em.

Tree Section

2100 Pine (5br/5ba, 3180 sq. ft.) got a little ribbing from MBC last week after the new listing agent rewrote the description to compare the home to Monticello. (See "Monticello?" for more, plus comparison pics between the landmark and the local home.)

Now the home deserves its time in the sun. Folks who have seen 2100 Pine generally like it. One reason it that this is a custom build suited the the owners, who clearly like a classic, authentic American vibe.

You know, Connecticut, the Cape, Long Island, or even Monticello – all those places back East. The wainscoting, old-wood beams, handmade fixtures and so forth fit into a timeless package – with, of course, all the modern appointments. On top of it all, the outdoor living space is far more fully realized than you see on speckies.

That the home is now on the market for John Q. Public is a surprise, not part of the plan. And that's to the benefit of whomever might stumble across it one day and fall in love.

For 6 months, the home hasn't found its new lovers, partly because of a start price of $2.425m, which is well above what most – most! – new homes in the Trees are getting these days. At $2.149m now, it's moving toward where it needs to be.

Point of tension: The owners paid $1.4m for the lot in Aug. 2006, a squeeze on the margins for any sale.

2100 Pine is open Sun. 2-4pm.


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