Weekend Opens (3/22-3/23)

Posted by Dave Fratello on Saturday, March 22nd, 2008 at 3:50am.

It's a short weekend for open houses given Easter – lots of listings are only open Saturday, while many of the listings that are new this week are not listed as open.

Idea for a drinking game: Browse this week's Beach Reporter ads and take a quaff each time an ad says "Hop on Over!"

You can click here for the list of weekend open houses via the Beach Reporter online, or any time use the link under "Prop. Search Tools" in the right-hand column on the front page.

As always, click on any highlighted address for more pics & details via Redfin.

Hill Section

There's a dearth of open houses in the Hill Section this weekend. It's a very observant region of MB.

We're happy to call attention to the Easter open at 939 Duncan, a big-time remodel purchased 2 years ago by some flippers. Opulent, overdone, odd, and – hey, you expect this – overpriced. Nearly 6 months on market so far. Along with 534 14th, Duncan shares the remarkable quality of offering access to the pool through the master bedroom. Currently $3.695m. Open Sun. 2-5pm.

Sand Section

341 10th is on a South End walkstreet. Need we say more?

Offers 4br/5ba, 3150 sq. ft. Steps to downtown.

Nice, spacious remodel with a rental unit (not much improved) to help you defray the costs of ownership, which are considerable: Starts at $3.3m.

Open Sat. 1-4pm.

Mrs. MBC's pick for the week isn't posted as open (it's a funny weekend that way), but we'll write it up anyway, just in case they throw the doors open after all.

She loves a good project, so her pick is 456 27th. It's a rare Tudor-style home (3br/3ba, 2625 sq. ft.) in a sleepy location up on the plateau above Sand Dune park. (Is it just us, or has this become the busiest area of the Sand Section recently?) The home is a bit dated – OK, really 70s – but one person's ghastly throwback is another person's great remodeling opportunity. Bonus: Roofdeck. Starts at $1.950m.

Tree Section

672 19th
is a square box with little inherent style, but my, how they've gussied it up with paint and decor. (Click the address for pics.) The home offers 3br/2ba and almost 1700 sq. ft. You've just got to see a home that touts a "beautiful hardscape" and tiki lights. Psssst! Nice location. Starts at $1.789m. Open Sat. 1-4pm.

As we mentioned in the MB Market Update the other day, 3412 Pacific was purchased just a year ago (Jan. 2007) for $1.491m. It's up now at $1.199m ($-292k). We don't think they've trashed the place; there are other issues behind the fall. Open Sat. 1-4pm.

A price war is breaking out at the lowest end of Tree Section inventory – 1708 Oak and 3612 Poinsettia keep undercutting each other. Both are 2br/1ba and 850 sq. ft. in off locations. Last week, Oak moved down to $899k; now Poinsettia is at $849k. Take your pick: 1708 Oak is open Saturday 1-4pm; or drop in Sunday (1-4pm) at 3612 Poinsettia and say hi to Kaye Thomas.
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