Weekend Opens (7/28-7/29)

By Dave Fratello | July 28th, 2012
In the past week, we've seen 12 new listings in MB (SFRs and THs), plus 2 more "pending" properties that came back to market. So a net addition of 14.

It seems like a rush of inventory, until you consider the net loss of 15 publicly listed properties that went into escrow at the same time.

Call it a net -1 for the week.

Still, we have a few more new options to send you out to see this weekend. (We saw 9 new MB listings Friday, but just 4 are open to the public now.)

Nothing quite as exciting as the queen of England parachuting out of a helicopter, but some decent options regardless.

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!).

As usual, we appreciate it when readers share views on this week's featured properties. Let us know what you like, don't like or must have.

Sand Section

The bay view from 97 Bayview
97 Bayview (2br/3ba, 1500 sq. ft.) is nothing much to look at from the outside – a typical, somewhat older townhome entered from off an alley.

But there's lots to look out upon from the inside – a crisp line of ocean blue above the rooftops nearly 180 degrees. The deck (pictured here) picks it all up very nicely, along with daily ocean breezes.

And the inside ain't so bad, either. The 1980-built TH has been crisply updated with quality bamboo floors (carpet in one bedroom) and a modern style in the baths and kitchen.

It's a pleasant, taut, contemporary feeling to complement the beach-close and ocean-view location.

We saw 2 bedrooms; large suites on separate floors. A 3rd bedroom in the original plans was opened up for extra living space; there's a bath and closet that could be brought back in if you want 3br. The top-floor living spaces do, indeed, offer more than expected, sporting a pool table – that universal sign that there's more than enough space.

97 Bayview was offered for a while (unsuccessfully) in 2010 for $1.399m, but starts now – aggressively – at $1.249m. For the South End. Hey. It's open Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm.

320 34th (3br/2ba, 1225 sq. ft.) is a very typical 60s box in the Sand with some updates. A nice asset: As you see in the photo, some views of blue.

And in the (many) years since this place was built, El Norte's nearby selection of restaurants, bars and boutiques has become compelling, what we sometimes call a "second downtown" worth being around.

Of the 3br, 2 are upstairs with the main living spaces, and 1br is now in a "[s]eparate downstairs living space," per the listing, which could be brought back into the main house by moving a wall.

The wide-open upstairs living spaces have wood stairs leading up and tile all around the floors, extending out to the deck.

Worth noting: Slightly larger 320 31st, which boasts a 3rd floor study and deck with views, hung around a few months this Spring but just closed for $1.300m.

320 34th starts at $1.349m and is open Sun. 1-4pm.

Tree Section

3308 Pacific (4br/3ba, 3100 sq. ft.) is a quirky 80s contemporary in a subpar location, but you get that right away with the pics and address.

It's bright and lives big, even rendering the location an afterthought once inside, but the home needs some attention and updates. And there's only so much you can fix. The builders left no real yard, just a little strip in back. The alley kitchen in back is isolated, by design – not a 21st century feature.

Wood or bamboo flooring would give the first-floor living spaces much more life than the the 80s tile everywhere. (Just look upstairs, where they do have bamboo, to see the difference.) The family room in back could be opened up by removing a wall that now creates a narrow "office" space in back.

Those are some of the things you'd do if you were determined to modernize this "contemporary" home, and it could work out.

There's one bedroom downstairs and 3 up, 2 of reasonable size sharing a bath and a large, long master suite with fireplace and access to an isolated rear deck. The master bath really wants an update.

Back in 1996, a listing called this "Manhattan's most exciting modern home." This year, it's an "architectural stunner with clean, contemporary lines."

Right, or a quirky 80s contemporary... take your pick.

3308 Pacific starts at $1.699m, putting it right in a very high-demand, low-inventory market segment. (There was another off-market sale this week in the Trees right in that range, and imperfect 570 35th also made a deal.) 3308 Pacific is open Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm.

East MB

1231 Shelley (4br/3ba, 2000 sq. ft.) boasts a wraparound, grassy yard on a big 5440 sq. ft. lot in an out-of-the-way location in East MB near the high school.

The downstairs living spaces are very wide-open, with the kitchen positioned in the middle – almost without walls – amid flowing living spaces. It's a bright and appealing space that opens to the yard nicely on a couple of sides. The only out-of-the-way space is a separate bedroom downstairs. Recently sanded and refinished hardwood floors add appeal to the first floor.

Upstairs, the 3br are of mostly adequate size. The master is nice but 2 of the 3 closets are opposite the wall where the bed's headboard naturally goes – this means you have a view of the closets and no logical place to put a TV unit, if that's your fancy. (Won't an iPad suffice?) The kids' rooms upstairs are notably small.

Yes, the exterior is of a dated style we can't quite place, and some features of the home date back a bit too far. You'd want to do some work. (Sellers will pay for new carpet and paint in those 2 kids' rooms, FWIW.) But they pack a lot of living space into these 2000 sq. ft. – partly by shortchanging the kids' rooms – and the lot and location are plenty appealing. It's got short- and long-range potential.

1231 Shelley starts at $1.299m and is open Sat. & Sun. 2-5pm.

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