Weekend Opens (8/10-8/11)

By Dave Fratello | August 10th, 2013

Maybe you're on vacation, with this being August, but at least you know the lifeguards are working hard. 

Saturday wraps up a 4-day event at the MB pier, the National Lifeguard Championships, hosted here for the first time since 2008. The LA County contingent is defending its title from last year, but watch out for teams from the OC, Florida, and especially New Jersey.

See, someone's busy.

There's very little new inventory this week, but as always, we think you'll find a gem or two among the new options. 

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!).

Hill Section

1027 Boundary Place (4br/4ba, 3260 sq. ft.) is called a "European chateau inspired home" that is "unlike any other."

Hey, let's hear it for a listing description that conveys useful information quickly.

Because this one is unique. And yet... familiar. Because only last year, 1027 Boundary Place spent 6 months on the market, finally selling in June 2012 for $1.475M.

What did we say in 2012 when this one was up?

[T]his one is different, surprising, a head-scratcher at points. But charming somehow – odd, yet kinda nice... it may grow on you.

Click to see our whole review from then.

In short, this is a multi-level home, levels split hither and thither, built in something of a U-shape around a central courtyard with a covered area (labeled a "grotto" in last year's listing). A central kitchen has some living spaces up a few steps from it, where they get some glimpses of blue over rooftops as the Hill Section drops down.

On a lower level, just off the grotto, on one side there's a guest suite, while on the other side is an office.

Upstairs, you'll find 3 bedrooms, including two smallish rooms that have a fairy tale charm to them – like little castle "tower" rooms. The master is larger, but split-level (of course), affording some views of ocean from the bed (we're guessing that's the rationale for the step-up within the room.

This one did not show all that well last year (did we mention the 6 months on market?), but now definitely looks better. Perfect? No, better.

The kitchen is not generic at all – it's been redone but with flair and materials that would not be everyone's choice. (Pictured.)

The master bath looks "newer" but is actually just as we saw it last year, including the pecular cabinetry with inlaid granite framed by wood. They did open up the master closet and outfit it nicely, a big improvement over the hodgepodge in there last year.

After all that work, and a nice uptick in the market, they're asking for $505K more than they paid last June.

1027 Boundary Place comes out at $1.980M, and is open Sun. 2-4pm.

East MB

It's official. "Plantation" style beach cottages are the "now" style for remodels.

1509 Magnolia (3br/2ba, 1350 sq. ft.) is the latest example. Purchased just a few months ago (for $980K), this 50s original, terribly run down and overrun with stuff back then, has been cleaned up, opened up and completely redone with style.

You want a family-friendly layout, modern everything and a yard? Here you go.

We've made a video tour to give you a sense of the place. It's just over 3 minutes, and we dropped in some jaunty music in lieu of most commentary. Enjoy. Email subscribers, use this link to see the tour.


As you'll see, it's just about the most efficient use of 1350 sq. ft. that you will find, a good layout without a wasted foot. Formal living and dining are up front, with the dining area off in a little nook on one side, and there's a sizable family room in back that opens off of the kitchen and goes out to the yard. The kitchen ain't big, but it's enough, with storage in a pantry back in the hallway.

Meantime, the master bedroom is of good size, though it accesses a hallway bath rather than having one attached. And then – the really pleasant surprise in the layout – the 2 secondary bedrooms share a jack-and-jill bath that's positioned in a corner between them, but out of the flow of the rest of the house. It's a truly private little kids' bath, out of the way.

The backyard is on the sunny western side and has newly planted sod, plus some concrete patio pads. And with the garage tucked in back, the remodelers seemed to know that a lot of folks would just as soon use the garage for play space or as a bonus room rather than park in it – so they put double glass doors out to the yard along one side. Used right, this would be a nice addition to the livable space for the home.

They've brought a very nice sense of style to the remodeling work here, and there will be lots of folks knocking at the door.

The most obvious comp is up the street a bit at 1400 Magnolia (3br/2ba, 1320 sq. ft.), obviously the same basic specs as this one. However, the layout at 1400 was nowhere near as favorable, the remodeling not nearly as new, and there was no grass. 1400 Magnolia got $1.227M in a sale closing just 2 weeks ago.

1509 Magnolia starts at $1.349M and is open Sat. & Sun. 2-5pm.

1336 2nd (3br/2ba, 1225 sq. ft.) is a plain-jane remodel of a 50s house, with mostly smallish bedrooms and fairly limited common area up at the front.

The kitchen/dining area got pergo flooring, while the balance of the living areas are carpeted. There's more of a modern look to the kitchen than the baths.

Your yard space is basically the area in front; the back of the house has a concrete patio and the garage and extra parking spaces. 

2nd St. here is a fairly busy road, but the hope would be that the property's elevation up above the road and setback off the street might mitigate noise.

This one's listed at $1.100M.

Though the agent vowed, when we toured, that there'd be open houses this weekend, they're not promoted in the newspaper or on the MLS, so take your chances and drive by at peak open-house times – we guess.

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