Weekend Opens (9/22-9/23)

By Dave Fratello | September 22nd, 2012
As luck would have it, this weekend almost all the new listings are in the Sand Section.

Appropriate enough, since Summer refuses to die this September. (Yay!)

Remember 2010? If we'd had only the number of true Summer days in all of 2010 that we've had in half of September 2012, no one would remember 2010 as the "Bummer Summer."

Fog rolled in Friday for a bit, but luckily after Space Shuttle Endeavour had passed overhead. (See "Shuttle Over Manhattan.") Here's our video taken from 2nd St., MB:

The Stanley Cup and Space Shuttle in MB in the same year. Hey hey!

Although, that's the last shuttle, and the NHL is locked out... Yo, go rain on some other parade. 

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!).

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Sand Section

416 2nd  
416 2nd (5br/6ba, 5270 sq. ft.) already got a nice advance preview here at MBC Friday. (See "High Expectations on 2nd.")

Remember when we were looking forward to the "thrill" of seeing the house? Lo, Twitter forced us to dash out midway through to catch Space Shuttle Endeavour. Oh, the thrill-a-minute South End.

We said in that Friday preview story:

Obviously, the home's a huge labor of love. French-inspired and literally loaded with features and amenities from overseas. Very old stuff, mixed with very new.
And it was everything we expected, and more. You're almost afraid to miss something in describing the home – but guaranteed to if you even try. Oh, so there's a reason to pull back.

But let's offer this much: It's an incredibly grand home, a lot of chateau packed into a little sliver of beach dirt. The stone suggests ancient qualities. Wood details framing doorways, cabinets, even the fridge, are hand-carved, custom for this house. Each room has a timeless look – could be a 100-year-old house, a 400-year-old house, certainly not a 7-year-old house capturing some passing fad or another. How do you "age" a new house so effectively?

The basement is a playland unto itself, bigger than plenty of homes even here in MB. There's a full-scale modern home theater – the one break from the Old World feel, right where you'd want it – and a big game room, bonus bedroom and wine cellar down there.

In a word: Wow.

Another word: Visit.

416 2nd starts at $4.150m and is open Sunday 2-4pm.

4112/4114 The Strand is an extraordinary newer Cape Cod, er, duplex way up in El Porto Norte.

(C'mon, if we're looking right at the surf break in El Porto, we can call it El Porto, right? Or is the "North Manhattan Beach" crew gonna sue?)

Duplex? Not exactly – this is 2 separate units, townhomes connected in the middle with an option to convert the house into an SFR. (It would be unwieldy as such, but it's possible.) On our tour we could easily breeze from one house into the next, so they built it with an eye toward someone possibly combining the units.

Maybe the most surprising news is for the back unit – they built this out with consideration for the fact that someone might be on the hook for $4m or so for the rear home, so they made it special. There's practically an extra full story built up in back to give it substantial ocean views from the kitchen/great room of the rear unit. You look over the front unit as well as over neighbors. Thoughtful.

Great style, very nice materials, a comfortable newer home with all the bells and whistles, quality materials and – of all things – air conditioning. (On the waterfront... well, this month it's seemed nearly a necessity.)

4112 is the address just for the "main" front unit (4br/4ba, 2700 sq. ft.), offered at $4.5m, or you can have the whole darn thing, including 4114 (4br/5ba, 2500 sq. ft.), for $8.250m.

Both are open Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm.

2311 Manhattan Ave. (3br/4ba, 2000 sq. ft.) is a newer (2000-built) ocean-view TH with a layout you'll find familiar, but some pluses and potential, too.

Familiar: The one, lonely, lower-level bedroom, neither large nor small, with its own bath on the garage level... Then, the 2br in the middle. Again, nothing extraordinary, just nice construction and finishes. Smooth, easy, comfortable, with a flourish here or there.

The top floor – always the view haven – is warm and open, and enjoys very good views over the (currently) 2-story next-door neighbor. In fact, it could all be better – there is a nice wrap-around deck along the south and west sides, and if you were to open up the walls to go from windows to glass doors (or nanawalls, baby), you'd really have something.

Often these sorts of THs trade nearer to $1.7m-$1.8m, with adjustments here and there. This is the rear unit, not having a direct opening onto the 24th St. walkstreet like the partner unit. We were surprised, then, to see it priced at $2.2m, but call us open-minded for now. This little pocket along Manhattan Ave. has its own special appeal, and there are some recent off-market trades down in the area we'll want to catch up on first before venturing a real opinion.

2311 Manhattan Ave. starts at $2.199m, and is open Sun. 1-4pm.

East MB

1170 Shelley (4br/3ba, 1850 sq. ft.) boasts a super interior remodel of a 1950s home that may not grab you from the outside. (Oh, great, sweeping, welcoming, concrete driveway.)

But step in and be treated. Everything is sharp and well constructed. Darker stain on a bamboo flooring that's new to these eyes gave it a "modern pecan" type look, futuristic while classic, if you will. Ceilings have exposed and stained beams, with an intriguing modern industrial material between the beams. Walls seem taut with an art-gallery perfection to them.

The kitchen and baths are very modern, well-balanced and stylish. All the bedrooms are of good size. The whole package is elegant and simple.

Sad to say, what could be a nice, modest little yard is given over entirely to a new deck. Families who insist on a "yard" of some kind may not groove on it, though of course it's sharp, too. 

Location on Shelley is on a quiet half-block that is semi-blockaded at the west end near Sepulveda to limit non-neighborhood traffic.

Again, it's really too bad that they didn't do more with the outside in order to advertise the brilliance to be found inside. (They've still got the "rock roof," whatever that old fad was about.)

This one sold just last year and was old, tired and frumpy, needing every bit of the treatment it got. Back then it sold for $890k (July 2011).

They're offering it up now, after the custom remodel, at $1.190m. It is open Sun. 1-4pm.

Note: 1170 Shelley ran almost 3 weeks on market with a different agent. We never heard of nor saw it previously, so it's "new" to us this time.

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