Weekend Opens (9/27-9/28)

By Dave Fratello | September 27th, 2008
Options are growing each week.

We have a new high-end listing on a west-of-Highland walkstreet and two new offerings right near downtown.

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!).

We're asking MBC readers who visit these homes to also report back. Tell us what you see, what you like, what you don't like, what you'd change if you owned a particular home, and so on. Use the comments here to discuss the homes we've highlighted.

Hill Section

As we noted the other day in "Down Hill," 808 Highview (pictured) is one of a few recent Hill Section listings to go into escrow and come back on market. This one offers 5br/5ba, 4125 sq. ft., a secluded location near downtown and nice views. Currently at $4.850m. Open Sun. 1-4pm.

930 John is a new home that has dropped almost a million bucks in 6 months. It's huge and offers city views from east of Poinsettia. Now at $3.999m (-$996k/-20%). Open Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm.

Sand Section

How about a couple high-end listings on the same block, barely north of downtown, on walkstreets west of Highland?

215 19th (pictured) is a big (4br/4ba, 4250 sq. ft.) and newer (2002) home that starts at $5m.

Delightful kitchen and warm family spaces. Ocean views are automatic on this block. Open Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm.

220 19th is slightly bigger (5br/4ba, 4325 sq. ft.) and than the new listing above and just a year older (2001).

It has also adjusted a bit since starting at $5.2m in early July. Now at
$4.850m (-$350k/-7% from start). Open Sun. 1-4pm.

333 3rd is Spanish on the outside, modern on the inside – a bit jarring. But that street-to-alley lot in the South End is nice. Priced at $1.999m. Open Sun. 1-4pm.

Tree Section

You'll recognize much about 2600 Poinsettia, newer construction (2000) with 4br/4ba, 3200 sq. ft. But Mrs. MBC is looking past the cookie-cutter factor and grooving on the atmosphere. Custom touches reflect a family's love for the home, making it her pick for the week.

The quiet, private patio, with stone and lush plantings, is a well-realized outdoor living space with an "outdoor kitchen" featuring a terrific BBQ.

Yes, the location is bit of a concern – this block of Poinsettia is a little island between Marine and Ardmore. That and a few other factors (see your newspaper) may make the $1.899m start price appear ambitious. But sometimes you just love a place. Open Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm.

645 12th is a huge (5br/6ba, 4750 sq. ft.) new home near the top of the hill on 12th St. Nice ocean and PV views, including from the large, 3rd-story patio with fireplace. Starts at $4.499m. Open Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm.

512 12th (pictured) was purchased in 2006 as 1148 Ardmore for $1.360m. That version of the home was chopped up and suffered from an 80s vibe. The current owners partly gutted the home, reconfigured it and remodeled substantially.

The space is not huge – 3br/3ba and 2300 sq. ft., but there is a bonus, large deck off the kitchen. The location – fronting Ardmore, looking out over Metlox, has to be what you're looking for. There is a lot to be said for practically being downtown.

Start price is $2.149m, about what you'd pay for brand new homes with 1000 sq. ft. more living space in other parts of the Trees – but then, this feels kind of Sand Section-y. Open Sat. & Sun. 2-4pm.

591 35th
is pushing for $1.650m for a somewhat updated cottage. Offers 4br/3ba and 1760 sq. ft. Open Sun. 1-4pm.

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