Manhattan Beach Real Estate Ticker 1/8/15

Oboy, ocean-view TH at 109 Bayview sold for $2.600M in Oct. 2013, now resells for $3.300M with no remodeling

New TH at 228 38th Place raises its price from $2.600M to $2.900M

'Tuscan' style courtyard home at 3413 Elm starts at $2.299M

Mediterranean in prime location at 2001 Agnes has a deal (list: $2.900M)

Nearly rebuilt 1205 Meadows returns to market after holiday hibernation (list: $1.450M)

Remodeled El Porto duplex at 217 Kelp sells near asking price at $1.430M

Half-lot fixer/land sale at 225 36th starts at $1.650M

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