Dave's 2015-16 Sales

If you're looking to buy or sell in Manhattan Beach or nearby areas, choose a broker who is working effectively in the area.

Dave Fratello has been one of the most active and effective individual brokers in the area – Manhattan Beach and all around the South Bay, with $140 million in real estate sales.

Here are the 21 closed transactions that Dave has been involved in so far in 2015-16 (most recent first) in the South Bay, with dollar volume in excess of $47M:

2512 Pacific (5br/4ba, 3610 sqft.) at $2.450M

2001 John (5br/7ba, 4865 sqft.) at $4.650M

428 7th St. (3br/4ba, 2775 sqft.) at $3.650M

129 15th Place (2br/2ba, 1200 sqft.) at $2.050M

2008 John (5br/6ba, 4400 sqft.) at $3.925M

17 Cordoba Ct. (2br/2ba, 1475 sqft.) at $985K

406 S. Broadway, Redondo Beach (3br/1ba, 1180 sqft.) at $1.025M

1708 Elm (4br/3ba, 3600 sqft.) at $2.850M

1720 Ardmore #227, Hermosa Beach (2br/2ba, 860 sqft.) at $649K

1022 3rd St., Hermosa Beach (3br/2ba, 1730 sqft.) at $1.179M

2100 Pine, Manhattan Beach (5br/5ba, 3180 sqft.) at $3.150M

923 8th St., Manhattan Beach (5br/5ba, 4350 sqft.) at $3.700M

524 23rd St., Manhattan Beach (4br/3ba, 1700 sqft.) at $2.100M

1532 Loma Dr., Hermosa Beach (2br/3ba, 1300 sqft.) at $1.100M

18 Santa Cruz Ct., Manhattan Beach (3br/3ba, 1964 sqft.) at $1.150M

1315 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Unit A (2br/3ba, 1175 sqft.) at $742K

316 18th St., Manhattan Beach (3br/3ba, 1225 sqft.) at $3.575M

3509 Laurel Ave., Manhattan Beach (3br/2ba, 1340 sqft.) at $1.590M

540 The Village, Unit 119, Redondo Beach (3br/3ba, 2900 sqft.) at $1.150M

1631 19th St., Manhattan Beach (5br/4ba, 3475 sqft.) at $2.725M

1816 Agnes Rd., Manhattan Beach (3br/2ba, 1620 sqft.) at $2.700M

5265 Bluemound Rd., Rolling Hills Estates (3br/2ba, 1330 sqft.) at $965K

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