What We Do for Sellers

If you're thinking of selling, let us know.

You probably know that Dave Fratello is focused on market trends and pricing in Manhattan Beach. 

So if you're looking to sell, who better to help you figure out the right price, and how your property might be received in this marketplace?

Dave has specialized in bringing properties to market to sell quickly and often over asking price. In some other cases, his seller clients found buyers off-market and got the prices they wanted.

With his perfectionistic temperament and background in advertising, Dave brings many skills beyond valuation to the process of selling your home.

Concretely, here's what we'll do for and with sellers who are our clients:

  • Dave will interview you online and in person and tour your property with you;
  • We'll give you comparable sales from recent months to begin to gauge market value;
  • We'll put it all together in our honest assessment of what the market value might be, what the buyer pool for your property might be like, and how your home stacks up against the competition;
  • We'll discuss possible fixes, upgrades or changes to make around the house, even staging if appropriate;
  • We'll suggest a timeframe that works for you to begin marketing your property;
  • We'll write compelling and competent copy describing your home, produce professional photography to help it shine, and will look at video as a marketing option as well;
  • We'll execute a marketing plan for your property that features word-of-mouth among agents, an array of print and online publications, video and mentions on the MB Confidential site and in MBC emails;
  • We'll manage brokers' open houses and (if you like) public open houses at your property;
  • We'll coordinate with you to allow showings of your home on a schedule that suits you and potential buyers; 
  • As needed, we'll structure a process for receiving and reviewing any offers;
  • We'll help you evaluate the relative strength of any offers and the buyers who have brought them;
  • We'll help you select an escrow firm and any other service providers needed to work out the deal; and
  • When an offer is accepted, we'll work with you to keep the buyers engaged and on schedule to meet their obligations and complete the transaction.

The goal here is top dollar for your home, from buyers who can perform.

If you need specific accommodations as the seller, such as a little extra time to move, etc., we'll work to get you that also.

We know how to keep both parties in communication, on track and on the road to a successful transaction.

Engagement, communication and follow-up throughout the process: That, we do.

Ready to take the next step?

Please contact Dave using any of these methods:

  • use the form below,
  • email Dave  (address: df90266 [ at ] gmail.com), or
  • phone or text using (310) 243-6299.

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