Off-Market Sales

For various reasons, some homes never make it to the public market. You'll never see them on the MLS, unless real estate agents post the sale after the fact.

Having a well-informed agent focused on the community you wish to buy or sell in can be invaluable. In fact, it may be the best way to find a property that suits you, or, if you're a seller, to find the right fit with a buyer.

As an agent, Dave Fratello is well-known to be especially focused on Manhattan Beach.

For this reason, buyers looking in MB have asked for his help finding off-market properties. Sellers have come to him asking about finding a buyer off-market. And Dave has delivered for these clients on both sides of a transaction.

In today's market, as a buyer you will need "eyes and ears" that can find you something before it hits Redfin or Zillow.

As a seller, if you're looking for a quiet transaction, maybe Confidential Realty can help you sell off-market. But let's be sure to talk first about the pros and cons of that approach.

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