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716 Rosecrans Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Spectacularly remodeled modern at 716 Rosecrans will make some say "yes, but, yes" (list: $1.429M)

3119 N Valley Drive Manhattan Beach CA

Very small, radically spruced up cottage at 3119 Valley poses the question: How much do you need? (list: $1.179M)

229 9th Street Manhattan Beach CA

2br remodel at 229 9th closes over asking at $2.500M

21 Fairway Drive Manhattan Beach CA

Remodeled Village TH at 21 Fairway closes for $1.410M (-14% from start)

3201 Pine Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

'03 Cape Cod at 3201 Pine makes reluctant-looking cut to $2.785M

468 36th Place 2 Manhattan Beach CA

North MB 90s TH with some updates & views at 468 36th Place #2 starts at $1.895M

1304 Lynngrove Drive Manhattan Beach CA

Liberty Village modern new construx at 1304 Lynngrove closes for $2.599M

1901 Lynngrove Drive Manhattan Beach CA

Liberty Village new construx at 1901 Lynngrove falls out of escrow, back at $2.699M

1520 3rd Street Manhattan Beach CA

Huge '04 Cape Cod in default at 1520 3rd listed for $3.000M in Oct. '14, for $2.6M in early '16, now sells for $2.200M (yes, wow)

1706 Voorhees Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Oversized mid-90s Caliterranean at 1706 Voorhees starts at $2.390M

1128 Fisher Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Duplex on small lot (2000 sqft.) right on MBB at 1128 Fisher has a buyer in month 5 (list: $1.950M)

3508 N Poinsettia Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Somewhat remodeled 3508 Poinsettia offers a lot for the money in the Trees at $1.625M (whoops, raised price to $1.695M)

2605 Oak Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Total remodel (4br/2150 sqft.) at 2605 Oak comes to market at $2.399M

They claim major remodeling to the 70s house at 1772 Voorhees, but no pics yet (list: $1.398M)