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1813 Oak Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Tree Section new construx at 1813 Oak closes for $2.950M; highest ever for a home <3200 sqft. on Oak

719 11th Street Manhattan Beach CA

Oversized 1990 build w/ partial remodel in Hill Section near downtown at 719 11th closes for $4.375M

1147 2nd Street Manhattan Beach CA

East MB SFR w/ additions at 1147 2nd ran 3 mos. last yr., ended at $1.550M, rebooted in April at $1.599M, now cuts to $1.549M

608 15th Street Manhattan Beach CA

Large Martyrs-area Spanish at 608 15th sold for $4.438M in March '17, began at $5.300M in Feb. '19, now cuts to $5.149M

1710 11th Street Manhattan Beach CA

Single-levle remodel at 1710 11th has run 4 months and cut $200K, now has a deal (last at $1.995M)

1507 23rd Street Manhattan Beach CA

Very updated Roth home at 1507 23rd starts improbably low at $1.799M

473 34th Street Manhattan Beach CA

After 6 weeks, Sand Section plateau 3br Mediterranean at 473 34th cuts $200K to $3.188M

2505 Maple Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Tree Section triplex (!) on corner lot at Valley (2505 Maple) begins at $2.100M

405 21st Place Manhattan Beach CA

Flipper remodel of TH w/ partial ocean view at 405 21st Place closes for $2.100M

3605 Crest Drive Manhattan Beach CA

2br ocean-view SFR at 3605 Crest cuts $120K after 2 mos., now $1.879M

27 Coronado Court Manhattan Beach CA

Is a $1,000 price cut on a 2br condo in its 8th month news? Hard to say; 27 Coronado Ct. did cut to $1.349M though

1706 Voorhees Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Mid-90s East MB Caliterranean at 1706 Voorhees cuts $60K to $2.599M; began in Oct. '18 at $2.890M

12 Westport Manhattan Beach CA

That was fast: Village SFR ("Estate home") at 12 Westport has a buyer w/in 3 days (list: $2.850M)

225 38th Manhattan Beach CA

Remod late-80s TH in El Porto at 225 38th tried in '17 for $2.799M down to $2.650M; listed this yr. at $2.499M and now closes for that #

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