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1315 17th Street Manhattan Beach CA

East MB fixer zoned for 2 on a lot at 1315 17th now down $249K after 2 weeks to $1.999M

413 9th Street Manhattan Beach CA

South End walkstreet remodel at 413 9th begins at $7.000M

1 Coronado Court Manhattan Beach CA

Remod Village TH at 1 Coronado Ct. cuts $45K after 5 weeks, now $1.850M

3108 Vista Drive Manhattan Beach CA

Wow: '05 corner half lot SFR at 3108 Vista closes for $2.650M (-$600K / -18%), just 14 DOM

641 27th Street Manhattan Beach CA

Big, fancy, well-located new construx at 641 27th has a buyer after 2 weeks (list: $6.149M)

229 Seaview Street Manhattan Beach CA

Newer Mediterranean TH in El Porto at 229 Seaview has a deal (last at $2.570M)

235 N Dianthus Street Manhattan Beach CA

Hill Section 80s corner house at 235 N. Diantus cuts $500K more, now $5.999M (began at $8.000M, and $9.3M last yr.)

513 N Dianthus Street Manhattan Beach CA

Hill Section tall and skinny at 513 N. Dianthus cuts to $3.450M; paid $3.200M in April before 'design update'

444 35th Street Manhattan Beach CA

Little remod 2br beach cottage at 444 35th begins at $2.530M

621 6th Street Manhattan Beach CA

Custom Hill Section late 80s contemporary at 621 6th begins at $4.850M

1143 23rd Street Manhattan Beach CA

Flipper remodel at 1143 23rd has a deal after recent re-list at $2.088M (start price in July was $2.395M)

2617 Vista Drive Manhattan Beach CA

Newer TH at 2617 Vista is out of escrow after almost a month, back at $4.699M

1544 Mathews Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Land-value sale at 1544 Mathews comes back to market after a month in escrow (back at $1.850M)

3408 Maple Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Tree Section new modern at 3408 Maple cancels and re-lists with new price: $3.989M (-$406K from last)

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