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Manhattan Beach Confidential provides data, analysis and commentary on Manhattan Beach, California, real estate.

Its purpose is both to educate and to entertain. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for real estate market news, information and listings. MBC should give you an edge if you're in the market.

In all of the 15 years since its founding, MBC has been rooted in the idea that real estate information should be more available and more useful to consumers to help all market participants to function.

This site has become a go-to resource for potential buyers, sellers, local real estate agents and local homeowners. MBC has been continuously produced since March 2007.

What we try to do here should exist in other markets, but it's rare or nonexistent.

Blog author Dave Fratello is a local real estate broker who founded Edge, the local real estate agency, in 2019 after several years operating Confidential Realty.

Dave has lived in MB for 23 years and has both tracked and participated in the local market throughout that time.

MBC was produced anonymously from March 2007-June 2010, before Dave revealed his identity. For news stories on this transition, see this Beach Reporter story, this Easy Reader story, or two pieces by the blog author, "Hi, I'm Dave" on MBC and this column from the Daily Breeze.

MBC strives to be both factual and opinionated. There are no guarantees of accuracy offered or implied. With this being a blog, the reader has a right and duty to check information provided here. (Caveats aside, we do try very hard to get things right from the start!)

About Properties Displayed on MBC

For display of properties on MB Confidential, we utilize a feed of data from the MLS known as an IDX feed. The MLS is the largest and most reliable source of real estate information about our area, consisting of listings from many different brokerages all compiled into one database.

Obviously not all listings there are ours, and the MLS is not complete, in that some properties are bought and sold off-market and never make it into the MLS database.

Every post on MBC referencing a property will have a link to the full MLS listing of that property with all details and information included. If you are interested in a specific property, we encourage you to review the full listing.

If you'd like to see or offer on a property displayed here, Dave Fratello and Confidential Realty would be honored to help you.

CORRECTIONS: If you think we got something wrong, please say so in comments or private email. Corrections to factual information are made where appropriate.

To contact the author: email Dave / address: dave [ at ] edge-rea.com, phone or text using (310) 243-6299, or use the form below. Dave will get right back to you!

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