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It was only the beginning of April this year when 100+ real estate listings in Manhattan Beach became "the new normal."

We can prove that, because we posted about it – actually on March 31. (See the aptly titled, "MB Real Estate Inventory Hits 100+.") Probably better that it wasn't an April Fool's post.

Manhattan Beach Real Estate Inventory Chart May 15, 2016100+ is just part of the environment now. And, yes, here, with our long, busy days here on the front lines, it feels like forever already.

By the time of our May 15th data capture, inventory was still over 100 at 111. As we go to post here on May 19th, inventory is reaching for 120, having just hit 116.

As you see in our chart, this does not look anything like 2013-2015. We had 57 listings citywide on May 15 last year – meaning this year, we're nearly…

In less than 2 weeks, inventory in the Tree Section has dropped quickly – mostly due to new sales.

As of April 15 this year, there were 32 listings in the almost-glutted Tree Section. There had been 14 active listings in the Tree Section exactly one year prior, so this was a huge difference... much more choice for buyers.

As of Thursday morning, inventory was back down to 22 active listings. Where did those other listings go? Here's our rundown (you can click any address to see more photos & details on any listing).

1313 Pine Avenue Manhattan Beach CA1313 Pine (5br/4ba, 3250 sqft.) is essentially new construction, purchased one year ago pre-completion and before it came to market for $3.290M.

It's an artistically done Cape Cod on a corner lot, which allows entry from the side. The…

We reported last weekend that the number of open houses was quite nearly the same as the total number of listings in Manhattan Beach just a year previous (53 opens, 57 listings the prior year).

We reported this week that inventory had nearly doubled year-over-year: A good story for buyers, it would seem.

This past 7-day period, though, has been one of nearly equal balance.

From Friday morning to Friday morning, we saw:

  • 10 new listings coming to market
  • 10 new escrows beginning
  • 9 price cuts on existing listings

Inventory of Manhattan Beach homes for sale is steady at 105 as of Friday morning.

You know that you can always get an instant update on the state of the market on the MB Dashboard.

If you're the Twittering type, you ought to add the MB

There's not yet a unified theory (or even hypothesis) as to why, exactly, Manhattan Beach real estate inventory has been growing so noticeably this year.

One logical place to look for answers is in the question: How many homes are actually selling?

If we've got the mathematical formula correct here, fewer sales would mean that more homes would remain on the market at any given time. (Does that sound right?)

And, lo, the data do show that the pace of sales in Manhattan Beach has slowed. 

We looked at MLS-reported closed sales for two different stretches of time: Jan. 1-March 31 of each year (2012-2016), and Oct. 1 (prior year)-March 31 (current year).

Looking at the first quarter or Q4+Q1, the data show the same thing: The just-concluded Q1 of 2016…