It's like yesterday... just 2 weeks ago.

The Hill Section lot sale at 512 Pacific came to market determined not to waste one minute. And there was no time wasted.

The starting price for this 11,400 sqft. plot was $4.599M, a "come hither" price if there ever was one. (In our blog post, we called the number "a clarion call that echoed across the Manhattan Beach landscape.")

Multiple offers came immediately, the price shot up, and the sale has now closed. My, that was all quick.

Closed price: $5.500M on Tuesday.

Now, what does that say about the neighbor, 500 Pacific, now in its 5th month on the market, priced 14% higher today at $6.280M?

As we said in that prior post, "the lots are the same. Both 11,400 sqft. Couldn't be more comparable unless they occupied literally the same physical space." There is a slight difference in the kinds of views from each, with 512 being higher up.

Maybe they should just wait a few more months for prices to rise 14%.

Back at 512 Pacific, at $482/PSF for dirt, this land sale is the highest public-market sale for land in the Hill Section in about 18 months.

The most recent comp is 613 6th (7125 sqft. near the intersection at Ardmore) at $3.275M and $460/PSF.

In between these 2 sales, you saw an ocean-view lot at 319 S. Dianthus (5950 sqft.) go for a bunch less: $1.950M and $328/PSF for the land.

The dirt average over time among several sales has been around $400/PSF, with higher numbers, obviously, for the most recent sales, best views and bonuses like location and pure size.

This could be an interesting year for Hill Section lots. We'll come back to the subject.

As an American beach person interested in real estate, it's your right to take this Sunday off. 

There's football, friends and frosty 80-degree weather on the horizon. Go take advantage. 

What's that? Not into football?

There's a curiously important, international badminton tournament (!) going on all weekend at the historic Manahattan Beach Badminton Club. See DigMB's story for more.

Open houses this weekend are sparse and mostly Saturday.

But in our video here, we've got gold: 108 The Strand ($20M), 125 2nd ($10.3M) and some others that aren't yet publicly open:


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To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's new online list of Manhattan

People want to see signs... omens... hints of what is to come.

There are no guarantees of future performance this year, but look at some deals made in the first 5 weeks of 2016:

611 Bayview (3br/4ba, 2720 sqft.) is a slick, modern and nearly new view townhouse near town but on the quiet alley street just up off of Manahattan Ave.

Purchased new for $3.250M in January 2014, this one was quite nearly the first Manhattan Beach Sand Section townhome to ever garner more than $3M. (Off The Strand, that is, to be clear.)

But that was so, so long ago... two years.

Listed for $4.650M this year, this market maker is doing it again – getting an offer within 9 days.

That $1.4M markup is +43% over 24 months. In retrospect, maybe they got a deal on the original…

It's time for one of our regular updates on the Manhattan Beach real estate market.

Just as they've (finally) begun voting in the presidential election now, we're also now getting to the time in the real estate calendar where predictions can be put to the test, and we can finally find out what kind of a year this will be.

Is this another rally year for Manhattan Beach real estate? A time to see the market calm, but not wobble? The end of a 5-year party?

The Super Bowl is the traditional kickoff to the "Spring" real estate season. So this is when there should be more activity. As we begin, there's no obvious worry in the market today. 

Inventory poses an interesting question. It's up. What might that mean?

Look at pre-Super-Bowl inventory going back a…