Just in time for Thanksgiving, and something like a holiday "break" in the Manhattan Beach real estate market, you are seeing homes selling and inventory dwindling for the right reasons.

That's before sellers simply start quitting in droves.

Here are several homes newly absorbed before Turkey Day:

1765 Curtis (5br/4ba, 3875 sqft.) is a 1980s original with some updates, in this case to the kitchen and master bath, principally.

On its second listing this year, it was asking $2.395M initially. Watching the competition chop prices and make deals, the listing came down to $2.195M (-$200K / -8%).

They've finally got a deal.

1500 Nelson (2br/2ba, 1600 sqft.) is a cottage with a spacious yard. Location is a bit of a challenge, right across from the high school.

The home's been well loved and has some modest updates. It was among the least expensive homes in MB when it debuted at $1.399M, and gradually cut to $1.299M.

After 7 weeks, they've got a deal.

1751 Curtis (5br/4ba, 3750 sqft.) is an 80s house that got a complete, head-to-toe remodel. They replaced cabinets, redid kitchen and baths, and so on, making the whole house sparkle.

In August, this one began at $2.550M, a start price that seemed to some support, but it took 3 months to sell.

After repeated cuts, it was last seen on the market at $2.249M, re-setting the bar among comparable East MB remodels, which all seemed to make adjustments from the $2.4s to the $2.2s in a dance to attract the same buyers.

2309 Walnut (3br/2ba, 1550 sqft.) is an unusual remodel with living rooms up front and in back, kitchen off to one side in a semi-galley arrangement, and two of the bedrooms off on a hallway with no bath. (Occupants need to come back out into the main part of the home and go across the hallway to get to the full bath, which also serves the common areas.)

There is a separate master suite in back.

It's really not what the average buyer was looking for, but after a cut to $1.799M, the listing lasted less than a full month. It's in escrow now.

Speaking of Tree Section homes that can work, but aren't exactly the standard offering, 2505 N. Poinsettia (3br/3ba, 1780 sqft.) is in escrow now after 2 months on market and a price chop to $1.699M.

The upsloping lot, one-car "garage" and location near Marine were factors limiting the value, but inside, the modern-style remodel was warm and attractive.

Manhattan Beach has a total of 68 active listings as we reach a "getaway day" and big family weekend. 

The numbers should only go down from here through early 2016.

For now, there are several sellers who have a little something extra to be thankful for.

The Turkeys are coming, and normally this would be a week where the open houses drop off a lot, but...

Not so fast. There are some interesting options. Some are new, and some have been with us a while. 

We begin with our video accompaniment to MBC's long-running weekend open-house feature. We've got an inside look at new listings, shot during the Friday brokers' open houses. Enjoy!

Email subscribers and mobile users will need to click on this link to see the video.

To plan your open-house tours for this week, try this Redfin map list of open houses, or click here for the Beach Reporter list of opens. (Note: The BR now uses a new format, said to be more mobile-friendly.)

Don't forget, when previewing homes here on MB Confidential, you can click "Open

If you haven't heard about TRID yet, consider yourself lucky.

If you have lived with TRID, then maybe you know. It's a bit like sleeping with a big, smelly bear. It may be a beautiful creature, but the damn thing just won't move.

Wait, Dave, what's that?

TRID is a package of new mortgage-transparency regulations. TRID is short for "TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule." (You can go ahead and forget that, now that we've explained it.)

More disclosures, more transparency. Not a bad thing, right?

Nowadays, it is TRID, and the fear of TRID, that has mortgage lenders frozen in their tracks, doing everything twice, and twice as slow.

This week, we've closed two sales where loans weren't even literally required to be TRID-compliant, but TRID still horribly…

It's time for one of our twice-monthly updates on the Manhattan Beach real estate market.

We'll focus here on a couple newly posted sales.

Just off Sepulveda to the east, two new homes were built, each ambitious in their own ways.

Most recent was 1120 6th (5br/5ba, 3600 sqft.). This not-maxed-out "Planation-style home[] with a coastal vibe" launched in August this year (not so long ago) at $3.099M.

There was no way. Not for a home that's the first residence off of Sepulveda, with a large commercial building – specifically, a sports bar – as the next-door neighbor.

After one price cut, the listing quit and rebooted immediately (what's that called again? oh yeah, a bogus relist ) with a new price of $2.688M.

Miraculously, that "new" listing lasted only…