OK, the kids are back in school, so you can catch up again on what's been going on around town.

Today, we'll start a series of short briefings on the Manhattan Beach real estate market.

First things first, you do typically see an inventory bulge in Summer. At some point in early August, we saw as many as 84-85 homes available for sale in Manhattan Beach. Through absorption, quitting and all, the total is down to 67 as we write on Weds. morn. (See the MB Dashboard for an update.)

You could say a lot of dirt – or sand – changed hands in the Sand Section over the Summer. Here are some of the lot sales to close just since school broke for Summer, along with other news from the beach.

Bruce's Beach Park-Adjacent Lots

2520 Manhattan Ave. and 2519 Bayview, neighboring 1750 sqft. lots on the south side of the park, both sold for $4.000M each. With the same agent representing the buyer for both lots, you can go ahead and infer that it's one buyer.

The stage was set for $4M-ish lot sales by the Spring sale at 217 27th, on the north side of the park. A lot there traded for $4.100M, about $100K over asking, in late May.

Coach's House Unloaded

They sent Mike D'Antoni out of town, but Manhattan Beach real estate gave him some kind of golden parachute.

The short-term Lakers coach bought 116 25th (5br/5ba, 5000 sq. ft.) in 2013 for a princely $6.900M.

His resale price this year: $9.500M (+$2.6M / +38%)

Hey, if you gotta leave the beach, that'll soften the blow.

Ocean Ave. Sales

2916 Ocean Ave. has a refreshed, modest home (3br/2ba, 1800 sqft.) on a 2000 sqft. lot along a walkstreet and near the Strand.

Closed sale: $4.500M, obviously heavy on the lot value.

Just one door off Ocean, at 116 24th Place, a half lot (1350 sqft.) went for quite a bit less: $1.916M.

South End Lots

235 4th is a corner lot along Highland Avenue in the treasured South End. It has just recently closed for $3.850M.

Next-door neighbor 229 4th is in escrow with a list price of $5.000M

Further down below both, 501 Manhattan Ave. has dropped $1.5M+ off the first $7M asking price, and sits now on the market at $5.475M.

Strand Happenin's

304 The Strand sold for a dirt value of $14.000M.

Asking twice that (plus), the oversized (4980 sqft.) corner lot at 1000 The Strand is still hoping for $28.900M, now nearing 3 months on market.

(See "Why Not? Trend Continues on MB Strand" and "$29M? Can We Talk?")

Also, somewhere in between those, the listing at 614 The Strand (4br/3ba, 2130 sqft.) is lingering for now, still at the start price of $18.275M and beginning its third month.

Townhomes Now Sell for $3M+

The signature quick, high-value townhome sale of the summer was at 2301 Vista

The 2002-built, 3br/4ba, 2420 sqft. modern was decked out very well (if a bit masculine). It gets good views for a back unit. 

Asking/sold price: $3.400M.

Meantime, if you missed 308 27th (3br/4ba, 2250 sqft.) this past weekend, you missed it completely. The listing (asking $3.300M) quit within 5 days of coming to market. So that one won't be selling for $3M-plus (or will it?).

Walkstreet Cottage Sells

We hope you'll let Dave have a little promo time here.

In August, Confidential Realty listed 316 18th St. (3br/3ba, 1225 sqft.) for $3.500M. Though that's a lot of money for a little cottage, there were several very nearby comps to support it.

With a little exposure, the property drew multiple offers and is now in escrow.

We'll return with some more briefings throughout the next week.

Don't worry, Summer will never end.

The days may shorten. The weather may change. The kids will go back to school.

But you'll still live at the beach.

Our photo here is a recent award-winner by local Charlie Scholz, who was one of the winners of the #MyCA33 photo contest staged by our local Congress member. (See more in this DigMB story.)

To plan your open-house tours for this week, try this Redfin map list of open houses, or click here for the Beach Reporter list of opens.

Don't forget, when previewing homes here on MB Confidential, you can click "Open All Images" right above the main listing photo to get immediate display of all the listing photos at once.

Sand Section

333 21st Place (3br/4ba, 1850 sqft.) is a newer (2006) townhome on a quiet

You knew when they put up 719 19th for sale that there would be great interest.

It's a corner lot in a prime area that's oversized by perhaps one-third over the norm for the area at 6425 sqft.

There's a lot you can do with that. But the start price was prohibitive for many: $2.400M.

Prohibitive for many, perhaps, but not so much to block out all interest...

Multiple offers streamed in, and here we have the closed sale now: $2.775M.

That's a chunk of change for dirt.

Dave recently sold a remodeled home nearby just over on Agnes, about 1900 sqft., for $2.700M off-market.

Here, we see someone paying more before breaking ground.

In a different area near the American Martyrs church, there was recently a sale at effectively $3M for land.

That was at 608

Summer's a great time to hit the water and lay in the sun. For real estate listings, though, it's often a time to gather moss.

Moss, in this case, comes in the form of extra DOM.

The point being: You can sell in Summer, but don't expect it.

A custom corner-lot Hill Section house at 1000 Highview is down $500K to $5.999M, but pushing 6 months now.

In the Tree Section, a custom Cape Cod at 2104 Flournoy hasn't been exposed quite as long, just over 4 months now, but it's down nearly $1M to $3.990M.

Or look down in the Sand Section.

A very decent townhome at what could be an attractive price over at 3105 Vista (asking $2.300M) has nonetheless sat out the Summer, now ready to finish 4 months on market.

And so it goes. There are plenty of other listings…