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Pleasantly refreshed 3br Spanish on Blanche at 600 35th has a deal within 10 days (ask: $2.479M)

600 35th Street Manhattan Beach CA

Mid-century fixer at 3513 Elm begins at $1.350M

3513 Elm Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Corner lot at 1801 Laurel makes a quick $150K cut at 10 DOM this year (now: $2.399M); sought much more last year

1801 Laurel Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

North End condo at 468 36th Place began in April '15 at $2.075M, later got needed remodel, now closes for $1.530M

468 36th Place Manhattan Beach CA

Midsized dated duplex on 3500 sqft. lot at 2204 Alma has a deal (list: $2.995M)

2204 Alma Avenue Manhattan Beach CA

Standard North End lot with small duplex at 316 32nd has a buyer after 6 weeks (list: $2.995M)

316 32nd Street Manhattan Beach CA

Super remodeled East MB 3br cottage at 1618 5th has a buyer in 2nd month (list: $1.849M)

1618 5th Street Manhattan Beach CA

Custom walkstreet Mediterranean at 116 30th tried 6 mos. last yr., back again at same price: $7.000M

116 30th Street Manhattan Beach CA

'05 Mediterranean at 321 20th begins at $4.499M

321 20th Street Manhattan Beach CA

Hill Section mid-century modern with pool at 600 Anderson begins at $3.350M

600 Anderson Street Manhattan Beach CA

North End Strand listing at 3808 The Strand has 2 homes, larger lot, tried to sell in '15/'16, back at $8.395M now

3808 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA

716 12th sold new in April '16 for $4.500M, went back up for sale, sells again now for $4.590M

716 12th Street Manhattan Beach CA

Half lot vintage cottage at 228 11th Place launched in Feb. 2016 at $2.499M, didn't sell; back now at $1.750M (-30%)

228 11th Place Manhattan Beach CA

Corner-lot remodeled 2br TH in El Porto at 4218 Ocean begins at $2.200M

4218 Ocean Drive Manhattan Beach CA
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