Best Schools In California: Manhattan Beach

One of the great benefits of Manhattan Beach real estate is the city's top-tier public school system.

Manhattan Beach SchoolsThe Manhattan Beach Unified School District comprises a preschool, five elementaries, a middle school and high school.

Forbes magazine recently called Manhattan Beach one of the towns in the US with the "best schools for your real estate buck." Among cities with median home prices of $800k and above, MB ranked #1, while MB was 6th overall nationwide.

The Manhattan Beach Unified School District has some of the best schools in California, consistently ranking at the top among public schools. In both 2013 and 2014, Manhattan Beach produced California Teacher of the Year honorees. (Michael Hayden of Mira Costa High School was selected in 2013, and Maggie Mayberry in 2014.)

Also in 2013, Opal Robinson Elementary was the first-ever Manhattan Beach campus to be selected as a Blue Ribbon School, a prestigious national award.

Manhattan Beach's top-performing schools have attracted more and more new residents who value a high-quality education for their children. It's what you might call a "virtuous cycle" that further enhances the educational experience for all.

manhattan beach schoolsBeyond the excellent leadership of the District, no doubt, a lot of credit also goes to the nonprofit in the wings, the MB Education Foundation, which raised a record $5.4 million last year. Parental and community involvement goes far beyond money toward improving student achievement.

Here is more about the Manhattan Beach Unified School District and its schools and programs.

Preschool in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Preschool

Manhattan Beach Elementary Schools

Robinson Elementary

Pennekamp Elementary

Grand View Elementary

Pacific Elementary

Meadows Elementary

Middle School in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Middle School

High School in Manhattan Beach

Mira Costa High School