Manhattan Beach Real Estate Ticker 10/2/15

2-story remod SFR at 405 21st didn't last a week (list: $2.199M)

Quitters: 3120 The Strand (was $16M) and 1160 9th (was $2.749M)

Walkstreet house on Valley at 537 5th needed a reimagining, and got it: Asking $3.500M now

More than 4 months in, 1147 3rd finally makes a price cut (now: $2.775M)

Small SFR at 131 Kelp was pending for 3 hours Thurs., back again at $1.495M

'Captivating' remodeled 3br cottage near Rosecrans at 3605 Poinsettia starts at $1.749M

Supersized 90s Spanish at mouth of '5th St. Forest' at 1200 5th starts at $2.779M

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