Manhattan Beach Real Estate Ticker 11/21/14

Newly remodeled 1205 Meadows (start: $1.450M) sure looks a lot like 1163 Meadows (sold for $1.400M in Feb.)

'Hilltop' lot at 2113 Chestnut (5000 sq. ft.) starts at $1.100M

Hill Section tall and skinny at 504 Larsson launched at $1.545M in March, has deal now at list of $1.395M (-10%)

Corner-lot 80s remodel at 1602 10th loses a second deal, back at $1.780M again

Remodeled cottage at 2209 Faymont also boasts a fully customized garage (start: $1.300M)

Big, flat Hill Section lot (8800 sq. ft.) near Ardmore at 524 11th sells for $2.950M (not online)

Duplex at 320 Rosecrans sells for $1.650M

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