Manhattan Beach Real Estate Ticker 12/16/14

Upgraded 2br condo at 653 MBB Unit D closes for $1.150M (-$79K/-6%)

Remodeled 4br at 2413 John starts at $2.100M (we await seeing more than one pic)

Village SFR at 3 Stratford fell flat for 3 months at $2.500M, cuts now to $2.300M

El Porto duplex at 125 Moonstone starts at $1.500M

Modern on the plateau at 417 34th was new and sold for $3.230M in Aug. 2012, now resells for $3.840M (+$620K/+19%)

3613 Walnut is a total remodel (flip) – paid $1.665M in May, asking $2.699M now

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